4 Mistakes For You To Avoid When Sizing Your Air Conditioner

The sizing of the air conditioning seems simple; after all, check the size of the room, right? However, thinking that way is the first mistake made when knowing the best device for the space. To effectively acclimatize and ensure thermal comfort, some precautions must be taken.

From the process of choosing the equipment, installation and even maintenance must be considered. Thus, an air conditioning project is the best measure for the dimensioning to be carried out correctly. There are also benefits such as more significant savings, better use of the device’s capacity, among other advantages.

With that in mind, here are four mistakes you need to know when you visit our website, so you don’t make them when sizing your air conditioner!

  1. Not Considering The Number Of People In The Environment

As much as it is not so noticeable, our bodies give off heat. Therefore, the more people in the same room, the greater the power of the air conditioning to handle the refrigeration. In this sense, having an average number of people who usually occupy the space is essential to not make a mistake in the dimension.

This is important so that there is greater use of the equipment. In this way, the air conditioner will work with its ideal capacity, maintaining a pleasant temperature in the environment.

  1. Not Analyzing The Number Of Doors And Windows

Another critical factor that can change the internal temperature is the number of doors and windows in the room. Insulation is an aspect that must be carefully analyzed and the position and size of the pieces.

If the environment has windows where the sun shines during the day, this is crucial to heat the place more. Therefore, the dimensioning must be changed since the chosen air conditioning unit must meet this need, as the heat will be more intense and the equipment will have a greater demand.

  1. Miscalculating The Amount Of Btus

This is one of the most common mistakes. However, it is not difficult to calculate how many BTUs the air conditioner should have. The power of the device must be directly linked to the dimensioning so that the temperature is pleasant.

Therefore, for the temperature to have the right level, the calculation of BTUs will indicate the ideal air conditioner. In addition to the dimensions of the environment, several windows, doors, and people, it is also necessary to count electronic devices, types of light bulbs, how many there are, and the region where the property is located.

  1. Only Consider Price And Not Quality

Often the higher price is justified by the quality. Therefore, in situations where the values ​​are usually a little higher, such as carrying out an HVAC project, the delivery is linked to cost-effectiveness.

So, instead of just analyzing the price so that the air conditioning sizing is done correctly, it is necessary to see its advantages. A professional from abacus air conditioning services can check all the details and plan the air conditioning correctly.