Are Dental Crowns Good for Your Teeth?

When you hear of dental crowns, the first thing that comes to your mind is the aesthetic appeal they provide. While they might be famous for creating brilliant smiles, there is a lot more to them than only that. For instance, if you get Waterford crowns, not only will the dental caps provide you with a fabulous smile makeover, but they will also help repair teeth that would have been removed. The primary reason dentists and many patients prefer dental crowns is how sturdy they are compared to other cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. However, how can they benefit you and your teeth? The following are the benefits of getting dental crowns:

Potential to save severely damaged teeth

Trauma, stress, and tooth decay are the last things you want to be associated with your tooth. They can destroy the outer tooth to undesirable levels. Unfortunately, sometimes your tooth can become so weak that the only options left for your dentist are to extract the tooth or use dental crowns to save whatever is left of it. If your dentist thinks your tooth can be saved, clean it and file it while preparing to fit in the crown. It is placed on top of the tooth, reinforcing it to make it strong and healthy. In the end, the patient will regain full function of their tooth.

Strengthening teeth

Dental crowns are used to cover the entire tooth completely. If you had a weak tooth, the crown could give it its strength back to continue full functioning without worrying about further damage. Anything that can lead to more destruction is cut off, allowing you to use your tooth to its total capacity.

Improved appearance

With cosmetic dentistry, anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their tooth or teeth can benefit significantly from dental crowns. They can change the overall shape and look of your teeth. For instance, if your teeth are too small for your frame or if they are slightly crooked and have gaps between them, dental crowns can provide the solution you need. The crown is placed surrounding your tooth or teeth, so your dentist should create it in the right size, depending on your situation. A reputable professional should shape the crown perfectly to give the desired effect.


One of the best parts about resulting in dental crowns is that they can last for several years if you manage them properly. If you exercise the recommended care, such as brushing and flossing regularly along with routine examinations and cleanings, your permanent crowns should serve you for anywhere between 15-30 years. You get to enjoy their benefits for decades.

Minimal recovery time

If you are worried that getting dental crowns will mean you will not recover quickly, that is not the case. You can resume your usual hygiene routine, such as brushing and flossing, as early as the next day after the procedure. You only have to stay away from complex and crunchy food for a few weeks.

Do not waste any more time if you think that dental crowns will help you get your oral health in check. It is the right decision, and the sooner you get help, the better. With your crowns, you will enjoy numerous benefits, and most importantly, you can smile confidently once more. 

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