Benefits of an International Boarding School

There is no denying that the world has become more connected, with increased access to technology and transportation. Workplaces, universities and cities are becoming more international and this globalization is having an impact everywhere, including secondary school education. International boarding schools seem to be increasing in popularity and they can offer some prominent benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Enhanced classroom lessons

Teachers at international boarding schools can offer enhanced classroom lessons because they invite students to share their ideas and opinions as well. Encouraging discussions in classes allows students to share their perspectives and how they are shaped by their background, culture and the education they have received before. In multicultural classrooms, students are able to learn about people, countries and events from different parts of the world, which go beyond the textbooks.

  • Improve English fluency

English is the language of instruction and communication at international boarding schools, such as The King’s School Canterbury. When students from all over the globe come together to live and learn, their common language is usually English. Being surrounded by the language can end up promoting fluency, which can be quite helpful for students when it comes to future education.

  • New worldviews

Discussions don’t just take place inside the classroom, but also outside of class. This continuous exchange of experiences, ideas and culture can bring about the evolution of worldviews and perspectives. Students understand new languages and religions. It allows them to expand their horizons and they also tend to become more tolerant of cultures and people that are ‘different’ from their own, helping them become more open-minded.

Apart from this, students can also create an international network of friends and they are able to share the experience of being away from home, allowing them to become more independent and responsible.