Can A Dentist Perform Tooth Extraction During An Emergency Visit?

Tooth extraction is commonly associated with pain and discomfort. Usually, dental emergencies comprise broken, fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth caused by an accident or while playing sports. Emergency dentists cover a wide range of treatments that can cause severe complications if left untreated. They may even need to carry out significant treatments like tooth removal. 

If you are suffering from a damaged tooth and need to get it extracted immediately, you can certainly get it done on an emergency basis. However, remember that modern dentists keep tooth extraction as a last resort. Therefore, they may provide you with alternative treatment options first (if available). Speak to Dr. Arman Dayan to seek expert advice.  

Will a dentist remove a tooth during an emergency appointment?

Receiving dental procedures like a tooth extraction outside your dentist’s office hours can be difficult, but they may be willing to perform it if your situation requires it. If your dental issue immediately requires tooth removal and has not provided any relief from other methods or home remedies, then your dentist may be able to provide relief. 

Note that even during an emergency appointment, your dentist will first assess your tooth to determine the severity of the problem and the best course of action. Tooth extraction is often kept as a last resort since it is a pretty serious procedure. However, if they deem extraction necessary, they will perform it during the emergency appointment itself. 

There are specific dentists who are trained to perform emergency services with skillful ease. 

Why would a person require an emergency tooth extraction?

Emergency tooth extraction is not something you hear every day. There are a few reasons why you may need to remove your tooth. The most common one is dental trauma caused by an accident. Another reason may be an infection so severe that the tooth cannot be saved further by other means. In most cases of tooth extraction, an infected tooth that exposes the underlying pulp or cavity is the culprit. 

Finally, another common reason for tooth extraction is an impacted wisdom tooth. When your wisdom tooth does not erupt properly, it can become infected and push the nearby teeth, causing them to go out of alignment. Complications like infection, misalignment, tooth damage, etc., can be avoided with emergency tooth removal. 

When should you call your emergency dentist?

The best time to call your emergency dentist is when your pain becomes unbearable and you do not have the time to wait hours for your regular dental appointment. Emergency dentists reserve time to see same-day patients and are skilled and experienced in handling emergency cases.