Tips to Clean and Care for Your Retainers to Last Longer

When your dentist takes off your braces, you might need another device to help maintain your results and smile. Your specialist can recommend straighteners that can be removable or bonded to your teeth. To ensure your retainers Easton function as intended, you must clean and take care of them to last longer.

Ensure you follow your doctor’s guidelines to reap maximum benefits from your retainers. The following are ways to help keep your retainers clean and in good condition.  

How to clean your retainers

Regularly cleaning your retainers will ensure you have a healthy and beautiful smile. Your cleaning process will depend on whether your retainer is removable or non-removable. If your retainers are not removable, you should use dental floss to ensure you have no food particles and brush your teeth after meals.

If your retainers are removable, clean them the moment you remove them from your mouth. You can use a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water to remove food particles and prevent infection.

When cleaning your retainers, avoid using hot water as it can damage them. Always wash them by hand and avoid putting them in the dishwasher. Use soap or toothpaste to clean your retainers.

How to care for your retainers

One of the best ways to care for your retainers is to use them appropriately. During a visit to your dentist’s office, they recommend removing your retainers when you eat and drink fluids other than water. Eating with your retainers can damage them, and food might get stuck in your teeth promoting infections.

Since you should wear your retainers for 22 hours a day, it is vital to keep them moisturized. Lack of moisture can damage them, making them ineffective. Your dentist might recommend soaking them in cool water to ensure they stay moisturized even if they are not in your mouth.

When you are not using your retainers, store them in their designated protective case. When you keep them properly, you lower the risk of someone throwing them away, unlike if you wrap them in the paper. Furthermore, proper storage ensures they are not accessible to children and pets.  

Keep your retainers away from heat, including sunlight. When you place your retainers under the sunlight for extended periods, the heat from the sun can damage your retainers, which might require you to replace them.

How to choose retainers for your child

Although retainers can be worn by adults and children, adults might have an idea of what type of retainer they need, while children do not. You can choose removable or affixed retainers if your child requires them. However, if they will not remember to clean or care for the retainers as intended, it is best to get them the bonded type of retainers. Once they have the affixed ones, they will be able to clean them as they clean their teeth.

If you want to maintain your smile after removing braces, visit McGill Orthodontics for retainer installation. The available dentists and staff will examine your mouth and create custom-made retainers to help you maintain a healthy and nice smile. Call or book your appointment online to maintain a beautiful smile.