Tips to styling your Kanchipuram saree

 If you want to look different than other guests at your Indian wedding, wear Kanjeevaram sarees in these fashionable ways. Draping your Kanjeevaram saree in an offbeat style will set you stand out. Of all the Indian dresses for women, sarees are always elegant and give you a traditional look.

The traditional South Indian bridal look is incomplete without a Kanjeevaram saree. The delicate and graceful silk fabric is known for its intricate hand-embroidery work, which makes it very popular among Indian women. 

However, the classic look of an Indian silk sarees can be boring after a few weddings because of its monotony. So how do you keep it interesting? Well, there are several ways.

Kanchipuram sarees are a traditional wedding trousseau item in India, but they’re not just for the older crowd anymore. They’re making their way onto the backs of some pretty fashionable people, and we’re not talking about those old-school woven ones that your grandma would wear.

Here’s how to style your Kanjeevaram differently and add a little bit of a twist to the traditional.

Add a statement blouse:

Your saree is your style statement, but you need to make sure you have the right accompaniment. Your blouse is one of the most important parts of your ensemble, and what you wear with it can make or break the look.  Your blouse design can have a major impact on how your saree looks.

It is understood from this how important it is to have options when you are styling your Kanjeevaram saree. That’s why everyone loves blouses that are embroidered with beautiful patterns. A puffed sleeve blouse is a great way to add a modern touch to your traditional bridal look.

Bold jewelry:

If you want to get noticed on your wedding day, then you should consider wearing elaborate jewelry pieces.  If you want to add a touch of modern elegance to your look without detracting from the traditional elegance of a Kanjeevaram saree, try complementing it with a multi-tier necklace.

The key to choosing the right multi-tier necklace is to choose one that complements your outfit and suits your style. If you are looking to bring up a simple look, opt for a single-tier necklace with stones or pearls. If you are planing to come up with something bold, then try wearing multiple tiers of necklaces with different styles and colors.

Add a ravishing veil:

It’s time to modernize your traditional bridal look. Say goodbye to the days of dowdy bridal veils. The new way to go is with a stunning veil that complements your saree and makes your look truly unforgettable.

 The right veil can make your traditional bridal look fresh and new.  Coordinate your wedding veil with your saree, or contrast the two by wearing a contrasting veil. A sheer veil with delicate embroidery details will give you a modern and classy look.


Kanjeevaram is one of the famous Indian silk sarees. And one of the loved varieties of South Indian sarees online. Online shopping for Indian dresses has become very popular especially in these trying times. Women like to wear Kanjeevaram sarees at their weddings as they are a traditional Indian wedding trousseau item. 

The delicate handwork and pattern of the Kanjeevaram saree are timeless and still preferred for weddings. Kanjeevaram sarees also have different body styles, but their popularity has not dwindled over time. It is making a statement with modern accessories and is staying at the top in the Indian market.