Top Reasons Annual Physical Exam Is a Must

Embracing an annual physical exam routine is challenging for most people. Visiting a doctor when not ill may seem unnecessary, which your hectic routine in the modern, fast-paced world makes trickier. As you strive to manage your routine better, your overall health can’t take the back seat, which the annual physical exam Fort Worth helps address. Family and medical history reviews and standard screenings like bone density tests, blood sugar, cholesterol check, and cardiovascular, neurovascular, and cancer screening offer notable contributions as you strive to remain healthier and efficiently manage your daily life. Here is a glance at the top reasons for annual physical exams.

Establish health baselines to inform your lifestyle

Your health baseline can indicate a chronic disease onset. The onset of conditions such as high blood pressure, sugar, or cholesterol can help inform lifestyle adjustments to slow the progression. If the condition has already developed, lifestyle measures and medication can help keep them in check. During the annual physical exam, you can monitor the progress, establish if there are improvements, and make the relevant changes, such as a different treatment plan. Your health baselines following through physical exam enhances your chances of leading a healthier life since you adopt a lifestyle based on your unique situation and not a generalized regimen.

Establish future health risks

Annual physical exam lets you take a deeper look into your health markers. This means you can establish slight signs that could indicate the possibility of developing certain diseases in the future. This allows you to follow certain treatments or interventions to prevent such conditions. Detecting problems in advance and taking preventative measures makes leading a longer and healthier life easier. This makes the annual physical exam routine worth the time taken from your busy schedule.

Access better and affordable healthcare

Most medical emergencies are preventable. For instance, if a chronic condition is prevented or effectively managed, emergencies and hospitalization can be minimized. The annual physical exam helps build a rich medical history and a healthy relationship with your provider. The provider offers better medical care since they have adequate information to consult. Such care means avoiding expensive medical expenses like needing a specialist or frequent yet avoidable emergency room visits. Annual physical exams can considerably lower your health insurance premiums, and as you get better care, you will save more time and money in the long run.

Ongoing support

Self-diagnosis and treatment, especially in the modern online-oriented world, are common and don’t always offer favorable outcomes. Annual physical exams help minimize such instances since you can easily contact the doctor considering the good relationship established. During the visit, you can ask and talk about the pressing concerns. Professional recommendations such as treatments, diet, habits, and exercises based on your health and goals make the visits more productive than DIYs.

Keeping up with your health needs over the years can be overwhelming. Ensuring you are up to date with immunizations and that you don’t let those early signs slip is not easy. However, you can lessen this challenge with an annual physical exam routine. Contact Clover Internal Medicine Associates for more information or to schedule your physical exam.