5 Rejuvenating Effects ThermiVa Can Have on Your Sexual Health

As you age, your body produces less and less collagen. When coupled with other natural experiences like childbirth and menopause, this change can affect the health and appearance of your vagina. It can cause thinning, loose, and drying tissue, which can result in painful sex, urinary incontinence, and other uncomfortable – and even embarrassing – symptoms. This is where Houston thermiva treatments come in handy – ThermiVa is an FDA-approved noninvasive treatment that applies radiofrequency energy to your vaginal tissues to stimulate collagen production. Here is a look at five benefits this rejuvenation procedure can have on your sexual health and overall confidence.

Smoother Labial Skin

ThermiVa rejuvenation stimulates collagen production, which can cause the skin of your labia majora and minora to become smoother, smaller, and less saggy. This is a relief for women who experience loosening and sagging vaginal skin as they grow older, which many find unsightly and embarrassing. By smoothing and tightening this skin, ThermiVa can improve the appearance of your vagina and make you more comfortable during sexual experiences. As your comfort level with your appearance increases, you may find that you also derive more pleasure from sex.

Increased Lubrication

Dropping hormone levels characteristic of menopause can cause decreased lubrication in the vaginal area. This can make your vulva – the outermost part of your vagina – very dry, which can make sex very painful and uncomfortable. In fact, some women report such intense pain that they ultimately lose interest in sex altogether. Vaginal dryness can also make normal activities like walking and working out very uncomfortable. ThermiVa addresses this by stimulating natural lubrication in your vagina. Thanks to the radiofrequency energy, your vaginal tissues experience increased blood flow, which promotes better lubrication. This improves your vaginal health and boosts your libido.

Tighter Vaginal Tissues

Collagen has a tightening effect that can help rejuvenate vaginal skin that has loosened over time due to aging and childbirth. It shrinks these tissues, promoting increased tightness in your inner vaginal canal. This can be beneficial to your sex life because it can improve sensation and make you feel younger.

Stronger Vaginal Walls (Reduced Leakage)

An added bonus of tighter vaginal tissues is even stronger vaginal walks. This effect works to alleviate another embarrassing result of loosening tissue – urinary incontinence. By strengthening your walls, ThermiVa treatments can reduce urinary leakage and allow you to better engage in activities such as dancing, jogging, or even laughing without fear of an “accident.” Many people combine the treatment with Kegel exercises for even better results.

Increased Sensation

By increasing vaginal tightness and lubrication, ThermiVa can enhance sensation in your vaginal area. The treatment increases nerve fiber density in your vagina, thus making it easier for you to achieve orgasms. This can make for more pleasurable intimate experiences.

Are You Considering Vaginal Rejuvenation?

By applying radiofrequency energy to your internal and external vaginal tissues, Thermiva promotes tighter, stronger, smoother, more lubricated skin. These effects can restore function to your vagina and alleviate symptoms like vaginal dryness, saggy skin, and incontinence. The overall result is an improved vaginal appearance and pleasure in your sex life. Moreover, ThermiVa rejuvenation can restore your confidence in the bedroom, improving the quality of your intimate relationships. Learn more about this treatment and its benefits by contacting a certified ThermiVa provider today.