Medical Reasons Why Patients Turn to Tummy Tuck

The unsightly loose skin and fat pockets around your abdomen that won’t respond to your exercise and dietary regime can be stressful. The impacted contours affect your appearance and self-confidence, which is reason enough to consider professional services. East Windsor tummy tuck is the go-to option for patients looking to tone up and restore their striking stomach shape, but the aesthetic improvement is not the only benefit the treatment delivers. A tummy tuck offers notable benefits that can help improve your overall health. Here is a look at the common benefits beyond aesthetics that makes the tummy tuck more appealing.

Back pain management

We have all experienced a certain degree of back pain. For some, the pain sticks around, significantly impacting their ability to manage daily activities. The pain following pregnancy and childbirth or weight loss could result from weakened stomach muscles. The extra stomach fat does not make it any better since it adds to the load. Tummy tuck helps tighten the abdominal muscles. This results in improved spine support, alleviating back pain. Improved spine support alleviates the pain and helps keep common injuries such as neck, shoulder, and lower back at bay.

Manage ventral hernia

Hernias are among the most painful injuries. In ventral hernia, the injury is mainly caused by a weak abdomen. The weakness could be due to concerns like cesarean birth, weight loss, or appendectomy. Abdominal weakness means the tissue or intestines can break through, resulting in a sack/pouch, hence the hernia. A tummy tuck strengthens the abdominal muscles, which can help correct the ventral hernia. This translates to less pressure on your skin and alleviates pain, improving your overall wellness.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) treatment

SUI is common in women after virginal childbirth but can affect anyone, including men. SUI is a bladder control problem characterized by uncontrollable urine leakage following forceful activities like laughing, sneezing, and coughing. The condition mainly results from excessive stress on the urethra and bladder. Eliminating unwanted fat, toning the skin, and tightening the abdominal muscles help alleviate pressure. The alleviated stress can help manage or treat SUI, making it easier to manage your routine, including in social settings that take a blow when dealing with bladder control problems.

Better posture

Abdominal muscles support your spine. After a tummy tuck, muscle strength is improved, making it easier to maintain better posture. The procedure also helps alleviate back pain, making maintaining an appropriate posture easier. Proper posture is underappreciated, yet its impact on your pine health is significant. Poor posture increases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, which can impact your range of motion and result in chronic pain.

You could be considering a tummy tuck to eliminate the conspicuous cesarean section scar, saggy skin, or fat pocket and rock your favorite outfit. While you will achieve desirable contour, the improved appearance is not the only notable benefit tummy tuck will deliver as you strive to enhance the quality of your life. You will realize other health benefits that will help improve your productivity as your confidence hits new highs. Contact Matthew J. Lynch, MD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in East Windsor today to discover if you are a good tummy tuck candidate and how it can help your situation.