How to negotiate prices while buying a used car?

The moment you decide to buy a used car, the price that you will be paying is lesser than the original. There is 10 % depreciation in the first few drives and 20% within the 1st year. You can contact Buick Dealer riverside for used cars.

In about 3-5 years, the car’s value becomes 60-65% of its original value. This is just the breaking news for you. However, you have to be smart enough to get into the nitty-gritty of negotiation while buying a second-hand car.

First, you must know the details about the car you are buying and its market value. Then, you must churn out facts, logic and your negotiating skills to get the best price. Let us look into the sure-shot ways of bagging your favorite used car for a steal deal.

How to negotiate for a used car

While you might think negotiating for a used car is intimidating, the seller is prepared for negotiation from the buyer’s side. If you don’t even try, they will happily sell you the vehicle at a price. The first half of your task is to research the car and have a clear head about your price.

However, be ready for rejections in the initial stage, as the sellers will not agree to your deal right away. Instead, offer a price range that goes well with the car’s condition and your research. This solid two-step negotiation process will bring you results when it comes to buying used cars.

Research about the car

You must research the exact model from its market value to its used value over the years. Resources like Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides can help you determines a comparable near value. 

After all the homework, you must visit various dealers for inspection. You must never look at pictures and just say yes to any used car out of excitement. Make sure to take a test drive before picking up your vehicle. 

Moreover, get access to the car’s history for prior accidents, hit and run(if any), owner’s details, etc., for safety purposes. Further, get a good look from the downside for rust and oil leaks. You might end up paying less for a box of junk. If you still feel you should go for it, offer a lower price and give them relevant reasons based on your inspection.

Reveal your bargaining skills

After proper research and inspection, it’s time to offer a deal. Do not throw out the highest deal that you can afford. It is wise to ask the seller if the prices are negotiable. If they reply negative, it’s totally up to you.

Further, always let the seller put out the price. Do not quote your deal first because you might end up paying more than the actual quote. Moreover, do not feel shy or embarrassed to negotiate. The sellers are not judging you for doing that because they deal with the likes of you every day. 

Of course, you have to negotiate till a point. If your expectations are not met, it’s time to say no and look for a different seller. Please don’t waste time or hope the first time itself. It’s your money, and you have every right to put it where you think is best. 

An example of bargaining for used cars

Say you only have $8,000 to spend on a used car. You get a deal of $8600 on a second-hand car from a Buick Dealer riverside that you like. In such cases, you can start by offering $7500. The seller might not accept the offer. Continue bargaining till you reach the $8000 mark. 

You could also tell them how you got a similar deal from a different seller. This can backfire as it is a tricky slope. So unless you are sure, avoid it. 

The Bottom Line

Remember that both you and the seller want to benefit from the transaction. Therefore, for a successful negotiation, you must prepare a budget in tandem with the car’s condition and value after depreciation. 

You will find many Buick Dealer riverside if you plan to buy any of the used versions. Further, if you will be applying for an auto loan for a used car purchase, it’s best if you get preapproved for a loan before any negotiation.