What Is the Significance of Family Medicine?

Family medicine is available for every family member, including children and older adults. It focuses on many ailments and can help minimize your risk factors for getting such diseases. You can benefit from Comprehensive Care Clinic through regular physicals to keep your health in check.

Who is the right candidate for family medicine services?

Anyone is a good candidate for family medicine. Family medicine encompasses services for children, teenagers, adults, and women and men.

What services can you receive under family medicine?

You can receive the following services under family medicine.

Annual physicals

Your family doctor can recommend annual physicals so you can check on your health. Annual physicals check your BMI, heart rate, activity, and nose or ear infections. Your doctor will perform specific tests if you are at risk of certain diseases.

Since annual physicals conduct breast exams and prostate screening, they can help you catch cancer early, offering you a chance at treatment variety.

Sports physicals

If you want to join a sports team or keep active through sports, you should undergo a sports physical. During the exam, your doctor will cover all bases, including weight and height, joint health, muscular strength, and flexibility.


You must have various immunizations to reduce the severity of an infection. You should also consider immunizations if traveling, especially to tropical countries. Common immunizations include tetanus, influenza, and Hepatitis A and B.

Chronic disease management 

Chronic disease management is a family practice service that helps you manage long-term illness. Depending on your symptoms, your medical team will provide strategies to improve your symptoms and overall health. Common chronic diseases include hypertension and diabetes.

Benefits of family medicine and Healthcare

The following are ways you can benefit from family medicine.

To prevent injuries

Sports physicals can help you prevent injuries, especially if you want to join a sports team. Depending on the game you want to play, your physician will conduct necessary tests, including joint flexibility and muscle strength. If there are any problems, your doctor will inform you and create a plan that minimizes your risk of injury.

To detect disease early

Annual physicals can help detect disease early, making it possible to seek early treatment. Everyone’s exam differs from one another because people suffer from different diseases. Also, depending on your lifestyle, your doctor will perform various tests, especially if you are at risk of certain diseases.

Manage chronic disease

Managing chronic disease requires understanding your symptoms and the measures you can take to improve them. Whether you have diabetes or arthritis pain, you must learn how to minimize your symptoms to avoid complications. Chronic disease management can help with medication management, including what dosage to take and time to take your medication.

If you are due for a regular checkup or want to join sports, visit the Comprehensive Care Clinic for a treatment plan. The available family physicians will evaluate your condition and review your medical history before offering their services. Call or schedule your appointment online to improve your overall health.