What is the specialty of Kanchipuram sarees?

India is a land of culture and heritage, and diverse communities live in India. Indians follow various traditions, customs, languages, food, and clothing and are known for their traditional beliefs and attires. 

Indian clothing has been evolving for a highly long time, especially women’s clothing. However, a vibrant saree is India’s most common item of feminine attire. Indian women typically wear traditional sarees composed of various fabrics.

In India, there are numerous saree varieties. Silk sarees are the most popular because they are more comfortable to wear and give every woman an exquisite, classic appearance. 

Even silk sarees come in various styles depending on the Indian state. The Kanchipuram saree is one of the most popular sarees in Southern India and has an emotional link with every woman.

The ideal outfit for all occasions, festivities, events, and festivals is a Kanchipuram silk saree. Every bride in South India adores donning a Kanchipuram saree because of how good they look. 

These sarees are known as Kanchipuram sarees since they are produced in the Tamil Nadu state town of Kanchipuram. And the sarees are made with a pure silk weave fabric from Mulberry silk. 

Kanchipuram sarees date back 400 years, arriving in the area during the reign of Krishna Devaraya. The Devangas and Saligars, two weaving communities in Andhra Pradesh, began weaving sarees with pictures of texts, temples, and other objects in the town of Kanchipuram. 

The custom is still practiced, and you might be wondering why Kanchipuram sarees are so unique, and here is the reason why. 


Kanchipuram sarees have incredibly lovely and brilliant colors. Almost all colors are offered in sarees. Its unique feature is the contrast between the pallu and the body of the saree, which enhances a woman’s beauty and increases customer affection for the saree. 

The patterns of the sarees are influenced by South Indian texts, temples, and other natural elements like leaves, birds, and other animals. The saree gives different shades in different angles, which is why it is called the queen of all sarees. 


The sarees were first offered in a nine-yard weave, and as time went on, the weavers added a six-yard weave. And so you get different varieties of sarees to purchase. 

You can discover a variety of sarees when searching for a Kanchipuram saree. With that, you can select the outfit that best suits you, and you’ll stand out at the special event in your life. Some of the common saree styles offered are traditional, modern, floral, temple, and plain.

Weaving process

Kanchipuram silk sarees are made using pure mulberry silk. A pure silk saree typically takes 10 to 15 days to weave. The weavers soak the yarn in the rice water before beginning the procedure, then dry it in the sun to make the yarn thick and rigid. 

The thread is again entangled with gold yarn before being wrapped in silver. Finally, the thread in the saree will be red. The finest aspect of the weaving method is that the pallu and the body of the saree are weaved separately and then precisely and neatly stitched together. 

The strength of the Kanchipuram sarees is exceptionally high, which boosts the saree’s durability. The entire process is carried out with great care to produce a high-quality saree. 

To conclude

These unique qualities of a Kanchipuram silk saree set them apart from other sarees. Typically the sarees are very expensive, but still, you can sell the saree for a reasonable price when it becomes old. Therefore, purchasing Kanchipuram sarees is an investment rather than an expenditure of money.