Non-invasive laser treatments have brought about a revolution in the way vaginal rejuvenation procedures were done. Perineoplasty is the surgical procedure in which the excess tissues were removed. There was a rearrangement of vaginal and peripheral tissues, which would surgically reduce the size of the vaginal canal. It is a high-risk procedure that involved risks of infection, bleeding, scarring, and modification of sensation in the vagina. Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Toronto has brought about a revolution in the world of gynecological procedures. Laser treatment an excellent option for those who suffer from stress, urinary incontinence, or vaginal laxity. Following are some of the conditions that can be targeted by laser treatment.

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome

Vaginal childbirth is a highly stressful event. It can cause structural damage to the connective tissues which are present in the pelvic area. This vaginal relaxation can give rise to other issues like urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment can help to deal with mild to moderate symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome.

Prolapsed Pelvic Floor

The act of aging has a huge impact on the body, and the reproductive system is no exception. With age, collagen production starts to decrease along with the elastin fibers, which provide much-needed support to the connective tissues. This also impacts the pelvic floor. The urogenital system includes the pelvic floor, which provides support to the organs and impacts the physical form and functioning of the organs. The weak pelvic floor and vaginal laxity can cause anatomical changes in the reproductive system. Sometimes the changes in the body can be so severe that they can cause organs in the pelvic floor to prolapse. This can be easily treated by laser treatment by tightening the muscles in the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles can become weak because of age, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Why should you opt for laser rejuvenation treatment?

Vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments are a great option, especially when you want to avoid undergoing any sort of invasive procedure. This non-invasive treatment approach has high satisfaction rates. Apart from being non-invasive, another reason it is a great option is that there are no adverse side effects attached to it. The laser treatment can be performed either alone or paired up with other laser treatments to get better results. Pairing up with other treatments is an excellent option for those who have multiple conditions.

Consult a surgeon

If you are still unsure about vaginal rejuvenation and how it can help you, it is always best to reach out to the surgeon. During your consultation, the surgeon will explain all that the procedure can do for you. They would not only determine whether you are the right candidate or not but inform you whether the treatment would be helpful or not. Laser treatments work best for those who have mild to moderate symptoms. The surgeon will help you to figure out which approach would work best for you.