Lip Lift: A Permanent Way to Add Volume to Your Lips

Everyone knows about lip injections or lip fillers. They sometimes give your lips the appearance of bee-stung that looks quite unnatural. Another surgical operation is known as a Lip Lift Toronto might provide you with a different type of pout. It is permanent, as opposed to lip fillers. A lip lift is used to shorten the area between the nose and the top lip (philtrum). The technique enhances the quantity of apparent pink tissue, making the lips appear bigger and more prominent. It increases the amount of your top central teeth that are visible while your lips are relaxing. It’s an excellent alternative for folks who want to increase the height of their lips rather than volume.

Different Types of Lip Lifts

Lip lifts come in a variety of forms. It is critical to understand the different types and treatments so that you can easily discuss with your doctor the best treatment for you.

Direct Lip Lift

A direct lip lift is also known as a gullwing lip lift, it is used to develop a more definite lip border. A tiny strip of skin is taken above the upper lip and dragged upwards to create the appearance of a more prominent pink part of lips. This surgery usually results in a scar on the upper lip.

Subnasal Bullhorn

The subnasal bullhorn is a commonly used lip lift procedure. The incision is made just along the base of the nose so that it is less visible. During surgery, the right, left, and center of the lip is dragged upwards and a bullhorn shape incision is made.

Central Lip Lift

It is quite similar to the above lift. It is used to shorten the wide space between the nose and upper lip.

Corner Lip Lift

It is also known as grin lift as it helps to offer a more smiley look.  Two incisions are made on both corners of a mouth and a tiny amount of skin is removed. Most people get this lip lift done on both lips for getting fuller and sexier lips. Folks with downturned lips can go with this alternative.

Italian Lip Lift

In this procedure, two incisions are made just below your nostril. It is quite similar to subnasal bullhorn. The best thing about this surgery is that no scar is visible. So, don’t need to worry about it