Compare Skoda Scala and Subaru Forester based on important factors 

Skoda is known for its commitment to manufacturing the best-in-class cars based on ever-increasing expectations of existing and potential customers worldwide. Skoda Scala is one of the most popular cars and is known and recommended for its brilliant practicality, smart cabin space, and pre-pay service plan pricing.

Everyone who explores the complete specifications of the all-new Skoda Scale 2021 model can make certain how they can get the maximum return on investment in it. If you research the important aspects of the Skoda scala in detail right now, then you can get the absolute assistance and fulfill expectations about the hassle-free method to invest in the car. Anyone with an expectation to prefer and buy a small car with excellent elements can choose and buy this car.

The Subaru Forester is a popular SUV and is suggested by people who own it. This SUV is a good option when you have a reasonable budget to invest in the vehicle known for its specifications best to drive. This SUV has a tough look and is still practical. You can read honest reviews of the Subaru Forester and take note of testimonials from existing owners of this SUV. This is to clarify your doubts and fulfill expectations about the easy way to pick and buy the cheap and high-quality SUV. You can compare these two vehicles and make a good decision to buy a suitable car.


Scala is compact as it has 1471mm height, 1793mm width, 2649mm wheelbase, and 4362mm long. Though this vehicle is smaller than Karoq and Octavia, it is bigger than Kamiq and Fabia. The main attractions of this vehicle in terms of the design include the triangulated headlights with the crystalline work, a refined grille finish instead of the previous small Skoda model, and mirrored bumper lines. Crisp finishes in the side profile make this car outstanding.

The Forester has headlights with a pronounced LED eyebrow. Restyled fog lights, bumpers, and grille in this vehicle make it outstanding. This vehicle keeps its unique boxy and rugged looks. The cabin in this car is not modern. The design aspects like buttons, icons, and screens make it a bit crowded and a little bit confusing.


Skoda Scala is a smart option with a very good rear seat and boot space. It has 467 liters VDA with the seats in place. There is an array of clever cargo nets, a reversible carpet mat, and 60:40 split-fold seats. The forester has large doors super wide for both entry and exit. This vehicle has great rear legroom, a decent-sized boot with 498 liters VDA of luggage space to the complete cargo cover. Cabin space in this vehicle is good with 4 cup holders, massive door pockets, and a large center console box located under the armrest.

 Engine and transmission

Skoda Scala has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo-petrol unit with the capacity to produce 110KW power and 250Nm of torque. It is available in 6-speed manual transmission in the base grade. The Forester has a 2.5-cylinder four-cylinder for making 136KW and 239Nm. It uses boxer engines and the pistons move horizontally to the ground instead of vertically up and down in most engines. This system keeps the center mass of the car low and increases its stability.