How Does Google Ads Work For Digital Marketing?

When doing a Google search, the tool searches its database for content linked to the word and shows them on the results page, respecting the sponsored links auction. These links are located at the top and right sides of the page.

This is how a sponsored ad appears in front of organic results. In addition, you can track Ad’s performance metrics to get accurate data with all the information about your ads like:

  • ROI;
  • Traffic assessment;
  • Brand knowledge analysis;
  • Number of sales;
  • The number of conversions.

Step By Step To Advertise On Google Ads

Now that you know more about the tool, it’s time to learn how to create ads in practice! Check out the step-by-step instructions below to start and serve ads practically and straightforwardly on Google Ads.

Step 1: Complete Your Registration.

Go to the Google Ads website and register. For users who already have a Gmail account, it is possible to register with a login name and password.

Step 2: Choose The Campaign.

On the Google Ads dashboard, you must create your first campaign. To do this, access the “Campaigns” tab at the top of the screen. Then click on the blue icon and choose “New Campaign.”

Step 3: Set The Budget.

After creating your campaign, the next step is to set your daily budget. Since this is your first campaign, the best option is to set a low amount.

Step 4: Select The Best Ad.

Google Ads offers several advertising formats. Therefore, when creating a campaign, you should choose the ad that best fits your strategy.

The main types of advertising on Google Ads are:

  • Research Network;
  • Display Network;
  • YouTube Ads;
  • Google Shopping.

Step 5: Keywords

Now that you’ve defined your ad type choose the keywords related to your product and that are most sought after. A correct keyword choice is critical to the success of your campaign.

Step 6: Set Up The Campaign

After choosing the most suitable ad type for your campaign from, you must enter all the information required by the platform, including location, language, goals, and budget. In addition to this information, you must also choose the actions you want consumers to take. It is essential to enter your website address and choose a name for your campaign at this stage.

Step 7: Configure The Visual Part Of Your Ad.

Next, you must fill in all your information. Here, you can already see a sample of how your ad will look. At this point, you should define information such as the ad’s title, description, and URL.

Step 8: Review Your Campaign.

Finally, review your entire campaign, and you’re done! A good tip is to use a Check-List to check if your campaign has met all best practices. Now start spreading the word and start enjoying all the benefits that Google Ads has to offer.

Therefore, knowing how to advertise on Google Ads is essential for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to leverage their skills and achieve the best financial returns with sponsored links.