MOM’s Guide to Choosing the Right Maid Agency for Your Family

About Express Maid, Singapore maid agencies like us at Express Maid know how important it is to follow all the criteria assigned by ministry of manpower (mom) in Singapore. If that is really the case, all the employers and domestic helpers must take hiring a maid agency very seriously because whether you are either party involved, you will need to respect the law and working relationship between both of them. In this post today, we want to give you our thoughts and tricks to choosing a safe and MOM-compliant domestic helpers agency for your considerations.

When Express Maid first began, the maze of MOM rules almost seemed impossible. The story to being compliant relies a lot on perseverance and holds us in good stead, today. Sarah, our founder, spent sleepless nights reading legal documents and going to workshops to make sure our agency was 100% compliant. There were times Sarah was frustrated and a few tears from paperwork, but she never faltered in her resolve. Today, Express Maid has since built itself up to be a leading MOM-compliant and mom recommended maid agency in Singapore so that you can have all the information easily.

Why You Need to Hire An MOM-Compliant Maid Agency

  1. Legal Coverage: Concentric agencies ensure that both employers and maids are protected under Singapores respective governing laws.
  2. Roll out the red carpet for our domestic helpers: MOM-compliant agencies are invariably fair employers.
  3. Proper Documentation: compliant agencies are responsible for paperwork and documentation, which helps to protect the business against legal issues and penalties.

Your Easy Guide To Help You Find A Maid Agency

MOM Accreditation: Simply means the agency is accredited by MOM. Why Express Maid is the Best MOM-approved Maid Agency Like most responsible businesses, we follow compliance to bring about ethical practices and have been awarded as Moms Approved MAID painting services.

Transparent Fees – Find and agency that will break down its fees for you so you know what you are actually bargaining the rate of each service being offered. Look out for sneaky hidden costs or unfair fees

Training & Support: Choose agencies that offer proper training and support to both employers and domestic helpers. Ongoing training and support by Express Maid to make a perfect working relation.

Responsive Communication: Go for an agency that has open channels of responsive communication. We are always there, ready to discuss your enquiries or how you all would like us to assist you at Express Maid.

Tips for Making the Employer-Helper Relationship Work

After identifying an MOM-compliant and mom recommended maid agency like Express Maid, it is critical to maintain a supportive and respectful relationship with your domestic helper. Here are some tips:

Set Clear Expectations: Make sure you set expectations right and define what the job scope really looks like to avoid conflicts later on.

Train your Helper fairly and carefully: Train your Maid with respect, goodness and wholeheartedly as she is also a human. Make sure to give them enough rest, enough housing and working hours.

Have an Open Communication: Make sure you have an open communication with your helper. Take time for regular check-ins and feedback sessions to ensure any problems are not allowed to fester.

Support and Empathy: As a reminder to the first suggestion, show some compassion and understanding that your helper is in a new place. Provide assistance, Show Empathy (to make them feel worthy and valued)


Selecting the best maid agency is an important decision that can come a long way to ensure your employers and domestic helpers are happy and safe. With a MOM-compliant and mom recommended maid agency like Express Maid, hiring fair or illegal worker will not happen. Think of issues such as accreditation levels, openness and schooling and correspondence when deciding on your options. So long as you cooperate with a maid agency and have the right mindset, all is well in the world of domestic domestics.