5 Tips to Choose the Right Hosting Plan for Your Website

The success of your website is driven by the type and quality of hosting services used by you. Your hosting plan will determine the speed and the efficiency of your website which in turn decides the traffic volume. With the plethora of web hosting plans in India being offered by different hosting providers, choosing the best and the most appropriate appears difficult. Here we talk about some tips to choose the right hosting plan for your website, whether business or personal.


The task of choosing the best hosting plan for your website becomes easy if you know your requirements. The web hosting services provider will store all the data of your website on their server round-the-click. And every time a visitor visits your site, a request goes to the web hosting company’s server which then pulls up your website and displays it to the visitor. To ensure that this process is carried out smoothly you need to have clarity about your requirements and the type of hosting plan you need.  This includes clarity about the expected traffic, the type of content on your website and the level of security required. You also need to check your bandwidth and storage requirements and have clarity about your budget for buying hosting services.


  • Checking the Benefits of Various Types of Hosting Plans

You have the option to choose a shared hosting plan or go for dedicated server hosting or choose the in-between VPS hosting plans. Go for a shared hosting plan that is quite affordable if you are not expecting much traffic to begin with. However, if you are expecting massive traffic and your resource and security requirement is high, go for a dedicated hosting plan or a virtual server hosting plan. The domain and hosting price for shared hosting plans are the lowest and dedicated server hosting the highest. Choose the one that falls within your budget.


  • Buying Hosting Plan from a Provider Offering High Uptime

Uptime refers to the time your website is up and running which is important for catering to the requirements of your customers or the visitors to your website. When you buy a domain and hosting plans from a hosting service, check the uptime guarantee offered by it. Finalise a hosting services provider that guarantees an uptime of more than 99% or 100%. This will ensure that visitor traffic to your website is not lost due to any downtime.


  • Check the Level of Customer Support 

Go for a hosting provider who offers 24/7 technical support through, phone, e-mail, and chat support. This is important to deal with any technical issues that may come up and affect the performance or uptime of your website. Frequent and long downtimes can dissuade visitors to your website thereby hurting your business.


  • Choose a Plan with more security features

Cyberattacks can ruin a business. You can prevent or reduce the chances of security threats by choosing hosting plans in India that include security features like SSL security certification and automatic daily malware scans. Also, check out whether your hosting plan includes protection for Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks that can result in email outage and crashing of your website.


These tips will prove to be quite useful in helping you zero in the right plan for your hosting your website.