Four Common Reasons Spouses File for Divorce

Being in the middle of a divorce can make you experience intense feelings of loneliness and desperation. You think that no one understands your situation or what you are going through. But, as difficult as things may be, it can be comforting to know that you are not alone. And understanding the main reasons people decide to divorce may help you feel confident about your decision. If you are sure about filing for divorce, make sure to consult a sandy divorce lawyer to know the next steps to take. The following are the main reasons couples decide to file for divorce:


One of the most common causes of divorce centers around money issues. These issues can make married couples crazy as money affects many aspects of their lives. Regardless of how much money you have, you and your spouse can always have an argument over money. Those who are reckless with credit cards can run up huge debts without their other spouse’s knowledge. A spouse can earn more than the other, creating earning or control issues. 

Money issues can lead to stress that can choke off communication. Without communication, couples will lose trust, which can result in divorce.

Lack of Intimacy

Although sex is always an important part of every marriage at each step of the way, intimacy is more than just sex. Couples can show intimacy with each other through daily kisses, hugs, holding hands, or foot rubs. Intimacy involves giving a spouse some attention. But, when the small act of intimacy disappears, every spouse may feel rejected. This can compromise the quality of a relationship and many couples decide to divorce based on the lack of intimacy between spouses. 


Infidelity can instantly change your marriage. It eliminates trust and results in a breakdown in communication. Being cheated on is difficult to accept at first. The emotions can seem unbearable and your anger can force you to make decisions that can affect your life forever, including divorce. 

Domestic Abuse

A pattern of domestic abuse in a marriage is enough reason to walk away from your marriage. Abuse can be physical, emotional, and financial. And abuse can be directed to a spouse and children. Threats to the wellbeing of the people you love are as concerning as any threats to you. If you are experiencing ongoing physical abuse, particularly when children are involved, you have a good reason to get away immediately.