Best Activities And Games For Long Charter Bus Rides

It’s not just children who can get bored on long car journeys. When going on a road trip with friends, or even on a trip for two, you also run out of things to do, and the time is slow to pass. For these situations, we created a list of the 5 best games, Best Activities and Games for a Long Charter Bus Ride and activities for adults on long car trips.


The rules are simple and require passengers to fall asleep at some point during the trip. While the passenger is sleeping, the others make up a story. As soon as the passenger wakes up, the other colleagues will tell this story, one at a time, according to what was agreed. The point system is very simple: if someone breaks character, they lose 1 point; if someone goes off script, another colleague asks, “Are you sure?” and then that person is silenced and loses 2 points; if the passenger who woke up believes the story, each storyteller receives 3 points; If, on the contrary, the sleeping passenger tricks the car and puts the story together correctly, he steals the points from the other participants. Whoever has the most points at the end of the road trip wins.


Reading a book or watching a movie is not only a great way to pass the time for children when traveling with infinity transportation illinois, for example, but also for adults. Time flies when reading an interesting book or watching a great film. Prepare yourself for long trips with a collection of your favorite films or those on your list of films to watch, but during your day-to-day life, I don’t remember you finding the time to do so.


It’s a very simple game, but fun and usually played between 2 people. The objective of the game is to deceive the opponent. One of the participants starts by asking, “Did you hear that….?”. Your opponent may respond, “That’s not true!” or “Tell me more about the subject.” If the opponent guesses that that situation did not occur, he gains 2 points; If the opponent makes a mistake that did not occur, he loses 1 point to his colleague and that colleague gains 2 additional points. If the opponent asks for more information about what happened, the points are doubled at the end. Then, the roles are reversed, and the other participant asks, “Did you hear that…?”. The player with the most points at the end of the road trip wins. Have fun!


Another fun game is “Fortunately, unfortunately,” which is simple but hilarious. The rules are simple and can be played between infinite players. The game aims to transform a happy situation into an unhappy situation. A person starts by saying “Luckily” and then talks about a happy situation. The next person will have to say something unfortunate about what was described. The next person will have to say something happy again about what was described, and so on. It rotates clockwise, alternating between happy and unhappy descriptions. As you can imagine, very amusing descriptions can come out and certainly give rise to laughter.


The game is very simple and consists of guessing who the participant is thinking about with 10 questions. A passenger thinks of a famous person or family member. The remaining participants can ask up to 10 questions to discover who it is. If someone guesses who the famous person is, they get 1 point and start another round. If they don’t guess who the famous person is, the passenger can think of someone else and earn 1 point. And what are your solutions to avoid boredom on long car journeys? Tell us everything in the comments space below.