Popular Mehendi Designs in High Demand in Wedding 

Weddings are often incomplete without Mehendi celebrations, particularly the Indian ones. Hence these functions remain the most awaited day for the wedding day. The mehendi designs are regarded as the best adornments to the brides. Hence it goes without saying that it adds up the beauty edge to their personality. Hence with this traditional ceremony about mehendi, we see too many things coming on trend, which you need to check out. With the changing trends and times, one can see too many designs getting viral including the ones like easy arabic mehndi designs that remain on the top. It would be interesting to check some of the trending and popular mehendi designs in the following paragraphs:

Arabic mehendi designs – If you talk about the popular ones Arabic designs tops the list. The best part of these Mehendi designs is that they are simple to draw. The designs are typically based on the simple lines, dots, flowers, and filled patterns, leaves. Even brides love the easy arabic mehndi designs particularly the ones who do not want to wait that long to get their hands and feet with too many mehendi. The Arabic designs take less time and are not often time consuming. Hence it is simple to draw and less costly to say.

Traditional Mehndi Designs – The next in this list is the Mehendi Design, which are often very much in detail and do not take much of the time to complete. These designs are not often seen with traditional Indian motifs including peacock, lotus, mandap, doli and kalash and the hands are often filled with too many mehendi designs that are seen having less space in between. This style remains the most preferred one by the Indian brides and thus it may cost more to the brides.

Geometric Mehndi Designs – These design styles often carry different curves, shapes and rely more on traditional tribal patterns, prominent dots and diamond shapes. These are simple to draw like the easy Arabic mehndi designs. Thus needless to say that these cost pretty less when we compare them to the usual traditional designs.

Minimalist Mehendi Designs – These are designed with too many simple and empty spaces that are seen falling into this category and often remain the most favourite ones for the modern day brides. As the brides do not want to wait that long to see their mehendi taking up their time, hence these designs remain the most popular among them the most. The lesser the time the lower is the cost, hence it can be the most preferred choice for all. 

 Personalised Mehndi Designs – These are also one of the popular ones when it comes to Mehendi designs that remain the personal elements of the love story that tend to make mehendi designs extremely gorgeous and thus stand out in the crowd. The kind of mehendi designs require too much detailing and hence it may take more time and effort. This kind of style would cost more and remain more popular among the traditional families.