Beverly Hills Hammertoes Expert Explains the Importance of Early Detection of Symptoms 

The unnatural bending of the toes, commonly known as hammertoe is not only an uncomfortable sight, but also very painful for those who experience it. This condition occurs when the muscles, ligaments, or tendons surrounding the toe get imbalanced. They are not able to keep the toe straight causing the middle joint of the toe to bend downwards. Such a situation makes it necessary to look for treatment options.

If you notice a bend in any of your three middle toes, schedule an appointment for diagnosis at Eazy Foot & Ankle which is the best treatment center for hammertoes Pico Robertson, Beverly Hills. Their certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Elhiani diagnoses and treats all kinds of foot and ankle problems. A scheduled treatment plan is offered for your hammertoe problem to relieve discomfort and improve the health of your toes. 

What causes hammertoe?

There can be many factors that cause hammertoe.

  • Wearing improper shoes
  • Tightening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot
  • Foot injury
  • High foot arches
  • Arthritis
  • Friction due to bunions or corns.

Early signs of hammertoe

One of the most significant signs of hammertoe is a change in the shape of your toes. As soon as you notice a bend in the second, third, or fourth toe and find them in an upside down “V” position, visit a specialist in a foot treatment center without delay.

There are other symptoms too which if noticed at an early stage can alert you of having a hammer toe. Keep a check on these symptoms.

  • If the ball of your foot under the toe, which is bent starts hurting.
  • If you notice your toes have swollen and become red.
  • If you feel pain, discomfort and find it difficult to move your toe joint.
  • If corn is forming on top of the toe joints.
  • If the top of the toe hurts while putting on shoes.

Your podiatrist at Pico Robertson might suggest an initial treatment plan for hammertoes that may involve using custom orthotics in place of your regular footwear. Stretching exercises of foot muscles is also a part of the treatment plan, which helps to prevent further muscle imbalance problem. 

Therefore, keep a watch on any such early symptoms for hammer toe so that you get instant relief from the treatment and eliminate the need for any kind of foot surgery.