Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: An Anti-Aging Treatment for Women

Perimenopause and menopause are inevitable and significant stages for women. During these aging times, you may experience hormone changes. Fortunately, your doctor can recommend various anti-aging New York treatments, including bio-identical hormone therapy, to address extreme symptoms associated with your perimenopause or menopause. The only factor determining treatment efficacy is your clinician’s expertise level. However, this effective anti-aging approach can significantly improve the quality of your life.

The significance of patient education in the delivery of bio-identical hormone therapy

Many patients need to learn about bioidentical hormone therapy because patient education is one of the main factors determining clinical experience while delivering bio-identical hormones. It would be best to schedule an initial consultation with your clinician to determine your candidacy for the treatment and its efficacy in achieving desired outcomes.

Accurate treatment planning will depend on your diagnosis. Your doctor will only recommend these artificial hormones to address extremely low or unbalanced hormones. Your doctor will also reveal critical details about the treatment during your initial visits to help you make an informed choice. Patient education in the delivery of bio-identical hormones is not only effective when guiding your consent: The more you are aware of the process, the more your involvement. Therefore, your doctor should educate you to promote your adherence to the treatment and thus encourage desired outcomes.

Are your hormones important?

Hormones are chemical messengers in your body that cause body parts to function. These messengers come from the endocrine gland in the brain and transport electrical signals to body tissues, thus facilitating function. Underproduction or overproduction of hormones can lead to significant changes n well-being because these chemical messengers influence different body systems.

What you should know about bio-identical hormones

Your hormones influence various body functions and, thus, are critical contributors to your overall well-being. Doctors recommend bio-identical hormones to replace depleted hormone levels in patients with symptoms due to low hormone levels, like in patients undergoing perimenopause or menopause.

Bio-identical hormones are usually made from plants. Depending on your clinical case, your doctor will recommend pre-made or custom-made bio-identical hormones.

The right way to determine candidacy for bio-identical hormone therapy

This treatment alternative for low levels of hormones can pose certain risks. Collaborating with your primary care physician will lead to an accurate determination of the treatment’s efficacy in solving your concerns. Some of the contraindications to the treatment include:

  • Blood clotting complications
  • Breast cancer
  • Cardiovascular health complications

A comprehensive review of your medical and family history can reveal details about your status and help your doctor gauge your candidacy for treatment. Your lifestyle may also influence treatment efficacy and overall clinical outcomes.

When is bio-identical hormone therapy useful?

Clinicians recommend bio-identical hormone therapy to address symptoms associated with low hormone levels. For example, bio-identical hormone therapy is an evidence-based treatment for hot flashes, mood changes, low libido, weight gain, and vaginal dryness. Your clinician should conduct a comprehensive physical examination to accurately determine your concerns and their root cause before recommending bio-identical hormone therapy. Contact Liondale Medical to determine your candidacy for bio-identical hormone therapy and treatment to eliminate aging symptoms hindering quality living.