Chicken fried rice recipe

Chicken Fried Rice is a traditional takeout dish that is a quick weeknight supper! The number of various vegetables, various kinds of chicken sauces, and additional flavorings make this recipe one of the most popular Chinese foods across the world. Whether your guests are coming over or you want to treat your family for some special reasons, Chicken Fried Rice is the best solution for all. In this article, learn about the easiest recipe to make chicken fried rice and how to enhance the flavoring with chicken sauces manufactured High on Chicken!

The Best Rice for Fried Rice

The objective of fried rice is to use leftover rice a day or two earlier. If you make it with freshly cooked rice, the finished dish will be too sticky, unlike the one made in restaurants. If there isn’t any rice from the previous night, make some and put it on a sizable baking sheet or several sizable plates. Before using the rice for fried rice, let it dry for one to two hours.

The Ingredients for Chicken Fried Rice

Most people frequently prepare fried rice at their home, and this chicken version is one of the best-rated online. Most chefs add onions, carrots, and peas to the rice, but you can use any vegetables. Sliced cabbage, diced bell peppers, and zucchini also work well. The dish has a warm spice from this mixture of star anise, peppercorns, cloves, fennel seed, and cinnamon. Experts also flavor the rice with a bit of Chinese five-spice powder, but you can omit it according to your preference. To enhance the chicken flavor in the rice, you can use chicken sauces which will add more flavor of chicken to your dish. When it comes to chicken sauces, no brand can be compared with the quality provided by High on Chicken. The team of High on Chicken are qualified experts who analyze every customer’s needs to produce the best quality chicken sauces and other elements!

The Steps for Making Fried Rice

Although this recipe calls for chicken, you could use the same method to prepare fried rice with any type of protein, including shrimp, pork, or tofu.

  • Fried rice needs to be prepared quickly, so have all your ingredients on hand and close to the fire. Please make sure all the vegetables are sliced and ready to go, then dice the chicken into little cubes and season it. Also, whisk the egg.
  • After scrambling the egg, you could remove it from the pan. Cooking the egg first will prevent it from overcooking and ensure it remains in larger pieces.
  • After the chicken has been stir-fried, ensure that it is thoroughly cooked.
  • After the vegetables are cooked, add the chicken and egg back to the pan after seasoning the rice.
  • Prepare hot.
  • It is always preferable to add the sauces in the end, or else the sauces get burnt. But if you are using chicken sauces manufactured by High on Chicken, you can easily use them from the beginning!

Storing and Reheating Leftover Fried Rice

Cover the dish or pan to keep the moisture and the rice from drying.


  • It is ideal to use leftover rice at least a day old for making fried rice. If not, it gets sticky in the skillet. Use a wok or pan with a nonstick surface to cook rice successfully because it easily sticks to any textured surface. If things are releasing slowly, you might need to add more oil.
  • Chicken sauces play an important role in making your dish flavorful and tasty. Although it is possible to make chicken sauces at home in a few simple steps, most individuals lack the time. Do you know there is a simple way, though? High on Chicken sauces offer the same homemade flavor and feel, so you may always use them if you don’t want to prepare the sauce yourself. So, omitting the sauce preparation step can occasionally be acceptable to cut cooking time with High on Chicken!


The recipe was initially created to use leftover fried rice to make a tasty, flavorful dish. Adding oil, soy sauce, vegetables, chicken sauces, and meat makes the leftover rice taste yummy! This variation of a classic fried rice is simple to prepare, and you can use chicken sauces manufactured by High on Chicken to make it taste better than the normal ones!