Early diagnosis is key to fighting cancer

What is cancer, and how is it classified into types?

Cancer is the abnormal growth of muscle tissue in any body part that can cause severe health issues or even become fatal if it gets too intense. Cancer can start growing in any body part and spread to other factors. The primary types of cancer are as follows.

  • Carcinoma

Cancer which affects different glands and organs is classified as carcinoma. Some of its examples are lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer, and skin cancer.

  • Sarcoma

These cancers affect connective tissues like muscles, bones, blood vessels, etc.

  • Melanoma

Skin cancer that affects the melanin cells of the skin explicitly is known as melanoma.

  • Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a critical cancer of the white blood cells or, as the name suggests, lymphocytes.

  • Leukemia

This refers to blood cancer in which vast amounts of abnormal cells start growing in the blood.

What are the most common types of cancers?

Based on the initial location, some common types of cancers including breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, endometrial cancer, colon and rectal cancer, and so on.

What are the symptoms to look for?

Symptoms for cancer vary from person to person as per the type and stage of cancer they suffer from as well as the current health of the patient. Following are some of the symptoms of common cancers that one should pay attention to and check themselves up at the earliest.

  • For Breast cancer

Symptoms of breast cancer may include:

  • Feeling a small lump in the breast area.
  • Redness or pain on the nipple.
  • Swelling cancer is the abnormal growth of muscle tissue in any part of the body that can cause severe health issues or even become fatal if it gets too intense.

Cancer can start growing on any part of the body and then spread to other parts of the breast.

  • For Lung cancer

Common signs of lung cancer are constant or frequent chest pain, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, change in voice, coughing blood, or pain in the bones.

  • For Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer may cause a swollen neck, issues in swallowing, voice changes, and a lump in the neck.

  • For Skin cancer

Skin cancer symptoms may include itchy skin, flakes or redness on the skin, lesions, scars, or bumps on the skin.

How is the severity of cancer determined?

The severity of the cancer is determined by its stage, which depends on the size, and the extent to which it starts spreading in the body. According to Dr. Vikas, the best oncologist in Noida at Zeeva clinic, the best cancer hospital in Noida, commonly there are four stages of cancer.

  • Stage 1

This is the initial stage of cancer in which the tumor size is small, and the cancer has not spread to surrounding parts.

  • Stage 2

The size of the tumor has grown, but it has not still spread much in stage 2 cancer.

  • Stage 3

Cancer tumor is significantly larger and has spread to nearby tissues in stage 3.

  • Stage 4

This is the most dangerous stage of cancer in which the tumor has grown large enough to be fatal and spread to other parts of body as well.

Why is early diagnosis important?

The earlier the treatment starts, the more the chances of survival and the easier the treatment for the patient. At an early stage, the cancer is less severe and has not spread much to other body parts. This becomes a benefit for the doctors as the treatment requires less time and procedures to cure cancer.

Getting an accurate diagnosis and then starting the early treatment can increase the chances of a successful recovery to a huge extent. That is why it is recommended to visit your doctor for checkups as soon as possible if you face cancer symptoms. Dr. Vikas, the best oncologist in Noida at Zeeva cancer hospital in Noida, is the best choice for your treatment and diagnosis. Being the best oncologist in Noida, Dr. Vikas will guide you throughout the treatment procedure to ensure the best results at Zeeva cancer hospital in Noida.


Not all cancers lead to fatality; most can be cured through treatment. If the treatment starts at an early stage of cancer, these chances of recovery get exponentially high. Therefore a person who experiences any symptoms that may indicate the presence of cancer should consult a doctor at the earliest possible time. Dr. Vikas Goswami is among the best oncologist in Noida at Zeeva cancer hospital in Noida. You can consult and trust for your treatment. Early diagnosis can aid your treatment a lot. Hence, these symptoms should not be ignored by any person who faces them.