Common Cervical Disc Disease Treatment Options Available

Are you experiencing pain and stiffness around the neck region? If so, consult your care provider because the symptoms might be due to cervical disc disease or a herniated cervical disc. Doing so helps your care provider rule out which specific condition you suffer from between the above two. Therefore, if you have been experiencing persistent pain and stiffness around your neck, you can quest for various cervical disc disease Roswell treatment options available for prompt diagnosis and treatment, which provides symptomatic relief. Examples of treatments available include:

Medications or injections

Your care provider may prescribe over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and others that might help alleviate pain. In other cases, a stronger painkiller may be prescribed, including muscle relaxants or oral steroids. Your care provider may give some injections that usually deliver medications directly into the affected region of your neck, thus providing symptomatic relief. Examples of injections that might be given include cervical facet injection or cervical epidural steroid injection.

Lifestyle changes or rest

Of importance to understand is that there might be some activities that might be painful for your neck, including a specific swimming stroke or craning the neck while operating a computer. Therefore, modifying certain activities for a while is advisable to help alleviate pain. Similarly, maintaining a strong posture is recommended when your care provider advises you to flex your neck forward while operating a phone or driving. Similarly, staying hydrated, eating healthy, and quitting smoking help promote your disc health.

Manual manipulation

Your cervical spine can be manually adjusted using a chiropractor or qualified care provider. In most cases, manual manipulation aims to help improve your range of motion, thus playing an essential role in alleviating pain. Usually, depending on your symptoms, your care provider may perform a physical examination or request imaging tests before manually manipulating your neck.

Exercise or physical therapy

Exercise or physical therapy is considered a non-surgical treatment available to help alleviate neck pain. In most cases, it may include a stretching regimen and prescribed exercises specially designed to help meet your unique needs. Generally, increasing the flexibility and strength of your neck, thus lowering your risk of experiencing pain.


Your care provider may recommend surgery for cervical disc disease, especially if you are experiencing neurological symptoms or chronic pain. You might be advised to undergo anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, especially if the anterior of your neck is affected. Usually, the procedure involves removing the affected discs, and a bone graft is inserted to promote regrowth. You might also be required to undergo cervical artificial disc replacement, which involves removing and replacing the damaged disc with an artificial disc.

Therefore, you do not have to bear neck pain and stiffness because you have cervical disc disease; various treatment options are available to help alleviate pain and allow you to resume your activities of daily living. Other treatment options also focus on improving the functioning of your cervical discs. You can therefore schedule your appointment at Apex Spine and Neurosurgery and receive the best treatment for cervical disc disease, thus alleviating pain and promoting comfort. In very severe cases, your care provider may recommend surgery, which involves removing and replacing the damaged discs with artificial ones.