Top 3 Tips to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad


Sanitary pads are the most helpful thing for women during periods. You have to carry it whenever you head out of the house during period time. You don’t know when the period arrives if you don’t take a pad with you, then suddenly it surprises you, so to avoid any headaches, it is better to always carry a sanitary pad with you. Most women are unaware of purchasing a sanitary pad; you need to have a clear-cut idea before you buy sanitary pads online.

Make sure to purchase a pad that provides extreme comfort, excellent quality, and the best features. You can find the best pads for periods in India, and it will be embarrassing if there is any period stain on your back. The sanitary pad should have good absorbency features with no leakages. 

Though comfort is of the utmost vital feature to purchasing sanitary pads online, you should also consider other factors similarly to make it a perfect pad for you. During periods you will have several mood swings and irritations; again, this pad itchiness should not be the other one. 

You can find the best sanitary pad brands in India and purchase the best one according to your preferences. Most women wear the wrong size or unfitted pad, which makes them feel uncomfortable and will have several problems due to that. These unfitted pads can also cause irritation and itchiness. 

Ensure to purchase the right sanitary pad that matches your comfort level. If you are unaware of how to buy sanitary pads online, read the tips below carefully and follow them accordingly.

Here are the top 3 tips you must follow while purchasing sanitary pads for your periods. Have a glance:

  1. Good Absorbency:

Good absorbency is one of the most critical factors you have to look for. The pad you opt to purchase should give you a good absorbency level, and it should be able to absorb a high volume of blood very quickly. It should get absorbed and get locked to avoid any leakage issues from any side of the pad. 

You may check it by pouring water on the pad and letting it absorb, reviewing the effectiveness and whether the water is absorbed quickly or not. This absorbing factor can also give you comfort; the pad will get dry so that you can feel free and confident. It also helps you to do your daily activities without worrying about leakage issues.

  1. Length and Flow:

You can find several sanitary pad brands in India, check the quality, and decide. Usually, the discharge will be more during the initial day of your period. So, picking a pad that can easily absorb the flow is essential. Pads for women are classified as day and night; there is a difference between the two types of pads, as day pads are much smaller than night pads. 

Day pads range from 17cm to 25cm, whereas night pads can range from 35cm or more. As you cannot frequently change the pads during the nighttime, it is better to opt for night pads that can last for a long time without any leakage issues.

  1. Material Comfort:

Sanitary pads are manufactured of plastic netted or cotton. Not every woman has the same type of skin; each woman has a different kind of skin, so that the comfort level may vary according to the material. Some women look for a soft touch, whereas others prefer to have a netted top layer. Consider your specifications and choose the pad.

Wrapping Up:

Each woman has different requirements for purchasing a pad for their period, but everyone has to consider the tips mentioned above to find the perfect sanitary pad.


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