Criminal Defence Lawyers: Powers, Ethics and limitations 

A criminal defence lawyer is someone who legally represents the defendant in criminal court. Here we have covered some frequently asked information about Criminal lawyers.

  1. What is the working procedure of criminal Defence lawyers?

Every case is unique for a defence lawyer. They do a lot of study and research for even a very simple case. They don’t just show up in the courtroom and argue in front of the jury. A defence lawyer will first study and research your case then do a lot of other work which include the interviews with eyewitnesses, decide the witness take in the courtroom, discuss the case with the prosecution and judges, try to make things happen in your favor by studying similar cases. 

  1. Is it safe to share everything with the Attorney? 

One should not hide any information from their doctors and lawyers. Lawyers are legally bound to share the client’s information with anyone. Also, when a client shares everything, the lawyer can think of anything which can be the best for their clients. If you are looking for a criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster, you can find many firms according to your requirement. You can consult them through their websites. 

  1. Can a Criminal defence lawyer defend someone guilty: 

The answer is ‘Yes, but then the question that arises is that, should they do something like that knowingly! A private defence lawyer can reject any case he wants. 

But still, there are many reasons why a defence lawyer should protect their client, knowing that they are guilty. For starters, a lawyer is not concerned about the crime their client has committed, but they know what the government can prove they did. So, they defend their clients to save them from the punishments they don’t deserve.

Innocence or the knowledge of guilt does not support the attorney’s duty of saving the client. They want a minimum of punishment for clients in even very hopeless times. 

This is how a defence lawyer works dedicatedly in the favor of their clients.