How to Get a Good Deal in a Los Angeles Apartment

Los Angeles is notoriously expensive, stopping people from buying the home of their dreams, or moving here for their careers, simply because of budgets. Fortunately, if you can rent, there are some far better options out there.

These are the best ways to get a good deal on an apartment in Los Angeles, and why it matters!

1. Consider a Roommate

One of the best ways to avoid paying through the roof for an apartment is to get a roommate! Nearly 50% of all renters in the city have at least one roommate. This is almost double the percentage you’d see in the towns like Dallas or Chicago.  

Make sure you carefully vet any future roommates and get to know them before you decide to move in with them. This is vital not only for your safety but also for your mental health. If you move in to save money and then realize you don’t get along, you could end up suffering.

2. Know Not Areas Are Made Equally

Some parts of Los Angeles are more affordable than others. This means spaces like Porter Ranch, Studio City, and Los Feliz instead of staying in the city center. Unfortunately, you’ll have to drive further to get to entertainment, deal with more traffic, and lose out on a lot of the fun and excitement that makes Los Angeles so fabulous. With how much money you’ll be saving, many think this trade is more than worth it.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Barter

When you reach out about Los Angeles apartments for rent, don’t pay the first price. You see if you can help it. Many landlords and companies are more than willing to work with you on the price if you have a great rental history, make enough money, and are signing on for at least a year. 


This bartering can save you hundreds of dollars. Research what the unit has been priced at before, and ask what made them raise the price that much.

4. Offer to Prepay for a Few Months

Prepaying by a couple of months can be a great choice. Many landlords are worried about getting a tenant that’s just going to bail after a couple of months. To avoid that, offer to pay some upfront and watch them quickly be more willing to lower the price since you’re less of a risk.

5. Go Apartment Hunting in the Winter

The cheapest apartments you’ll find in LA are out during the winter. More people visit and move here when the city is at its most beautiful, in the summer, but that’s when prices are the worst. June is the worst place to start renting in LA. 


Apartment hunt between November and January, and you’ll see the best prices and most availability you can find.

There’s No City Like Los Angeles

This city can make dreams come true and can pull people out of obscurity and directly into the public eye. If you’re ready to make a big change and see stars, it’s time to consider a move to Los Angeles.