How to refresh your car’s appearance

Is your car looking a little weathered? A little run down? Could it use some TLC?

Cars are a large investment that should last you many years to come. Here are some simple ways to refresh your car’s appearance, to make it look almost brand new again.

Clean your vehicle

An obvious tip, but it makes a world of difference. Many of us do a routine car clean every month or so, which consists of an interior vacuum and an exterior car wash. This is important for general maintenance, but often skips out on cleaning the hard to reach areas and deep cleaning the interior and exterior.

It is worth booking your car for a professional detailing service if you want a really thorough clean. A professional will lift all dirt, crumbs and grime from interior carpets using a carpet cleaning device which uses suction or steam to lift out stubborn dirt from carpet. They will also clean out air vents, treat leather upholstery with leather care cleaning and do a thorough exterior clean, polish and wax.

Conduct repairs

Even if your car’s exterior is in optimal condition, it is almost pointless if the internal parts of the car are worn out and need replacing. A standard service may help you pick up which repairs you need and parts which could do with replacing. It is important to schedule in regular car servicing on a six to one year basis, at a trusted car dealership such as Peugeot Perth.

A good engine clean, flushing and replacing of old fluids, and replacing spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters are fairly inexpensive methods to restore your car to its optimal engine function.

Restore the car’s interior

Stained, ripped and weathered upholstery immediately devalues your car. When your car is well loved, and you have been driving it for many consecutive years, the interior is bound to get a little worn. By reupholstering the car seat covers and carpets, your car automatically becomes more luxurious.

If you are looking for a quick fix, there are a variety of car seat covers and floor mats available to purchase which can be overlaid over your original interior for protection. This is a quick and easy way to immediately freshen up your car’s interior.

Repair dents, paint scuffs and scratches

Scratches and dents are things which detract from your car’s appearance, and can make it look weathered. Thankfully dents are easily addressed by sourcing a replacement panel, or sometimes it can simply be ‘pulled’ out by a professional. Similarly, scratches and scuffs can be buffed out, or be covered by a fresh paint job.

Polish and wax

Want to achieve that glossy new car look again? A good polish and wax can help you achieve this. A polish will help remove surface imperfections and scuff marks. This is important to do prior to waxing, which adds a coat of gloss, giving your car that shiny look. Polishing and waxing is easy to DIY if you have the right tools, or any good car detailer will usually include this in their services.

New paint job

If your car is older, and the paintwork has sun damage, you can rectify this with a new paint job. A new paint job will restore your car’s entire appearance and make it look almost brand new again. Although this can be the costlier option, it certainly is less so than purchasing a whole new vehicle. In Australia, prices range from $1,500 to $3,000 for small to medium sized vehicles, with larger vehicles costing $3,500 or more.

Replace lights

New headlights and taillights can give your car a modern facelift. If your lights are starting to look dim and foggy, swapping them out for new ones can not only improve your car’s overall appearance, but provide you with better visibility on the road as a driver. If you don’t want to replace the entire light, you can update the internal globes and give the light lenses a thorough clean.

New wheels

There are numerous wheel options available on the market, bound to suit most design preferences. New wheels automatically give a car a fresh look, and allow you to customise it to your liking. No matter how big or small your budget, there are options available to you.

Whilst it is always nice to modfiy your car with bigger wheels and maybe even more extreme accessories like bodykits and wings etc (talking to you boy racers and mid-life crisis people) it is important to remember that certain modifications can actually impact your insurance premiums. CHeck with your insurance provider before making any major upgrades to your vehicle.

Window tinting

Window tinting does add that luxe feel to any vehicle. You have the option of only tinting the back three windows, or to include the front seat windows as well, just make sure you adhere to your State’s regulations when it comes to window tinting. Legal tint in Western Australia is 35% minimum darkest legal tint in WA.

Even if you only complete a couple of things on this list, they can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your car. A good thorough car detail can refresh your car’s appearance for many months to come. So take action now and get your car in tip top shape!