BBQs 2u Is Having Huge Clearance Sale and Black Friday Deals

The Top brands of barbeque grills, ovens, and accessories are coming up on sale at BBQs 2u, one of the largest dealers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt BBQs, and Ooni pizza ovens in the UK. They have been in the barbeque retail business since 2002. They give you the best deals for price and quality. People would also find varieties of accessories like tools, utensils, briquettes, charcoals, and even wide ranges of BBQ rubs and sauces.

This family business started with a passion for barbeque and has established such a good reputation that many people exclaim their name synonymously with outdoor cooking appliances. It aims to boost home barbeque culture and make outdoor space cooking a convenient and exhilarating experience. Customers claim that they have quick responses to any queries and provide impressive customer support and other after-sale services.

BBQs 2u is a trusted shop with excellent reviews. They are now conducting clearance sales and many customers are excited about their offers. Several people who were just waiting for the latest Ooni Koda 12 and Ooni Koda 16 Black Friday deals are rejoicing. There are other series of Ooni pizza ovens like Ooni Fyra and Ooni Karu on discounts and gifts on various Kamado Joe grills.

The Ooni Koda 16 is powered by propane and heats up to 500°C in 20 minutes. It can bake a 16-inch pizza in 60 seconds. It is the perfect pizza size for a party. The user can also cook other ingredients like vegetables, meats, fish, or bread in the oven. They just need to remove the stone plate and add a cast iron plate for cooking foods like meats and fish.

Napoleon BBQs are designed and engineered with utmost care to give perfection to barbeque on every use. It is convenient to bake, grill, or roast with the unique technique of cooking with the lid on. All the products of Napoleon are highly durable and safe to use with weather-proof builds and designs. They come with a standard 10-years warranty. So, the customers invest for long-time happiness. Their products go through strict quality tests for the customers to rely on them year after year.

The new Rogue series from Napoleon has side burners to put up a pan to cook sauces or other side dishes. It also has stainless steel and cast-iron cooking grids for grilling. Every model of barbeque of Napoleon comes with amazing designs and advanced features.

Customers can find reliable demonstrations of these barbecues from YouTube. They can also check their favourite grills on the other social media accounts of BBQs 2u. People can connect to other customers and look at genuine comments before deciding on a particular product.

At BBQs 2u, people can order before 12 pm and expect delivery on the next working day for all stocked products except for special occasions. Orders over £100 have no delivery charges within the UK. Now, anybody can conquer the title of barbeque master with the wide range of products from BBQs 2u.