Illuminating home décor: Trends worth trying in 2021

Your home is special and deserves all the attention. If you are designing your new home, or renovating the existing one, you need to keep an eye on trends. Interior design and décor ideas are constantly evolving, and there’s something for every home. Working with a skilled Philadelphia interior decorator can actually help in achieving your vision. For your help, in this post, we are sharing some of the illuminating home décor ideas that are worth trying in 2021. 

Minimalism is still in vogue

Although not new, minimalism is a trend worth vouching for. The concept is simple – Going for simpler design, limited décor elements, but defining shapes and structures. Minimalism may mean many things, depending on choice of colors, but warm, natural shades are always a better choice. The beauty of minimal themes lies in details. 

Summer blues

Shades of teal and blues are wooing everyone. If you don’t want to go all out with your choice of colors, we will recommend that you consider summer blues as an accenting element of each room. If you don’t mind a wallpaper, that’s always a great idea, but you can always try cushions, upholstery and rugs. 

The natural palette

More designers and decorators are vouching for neutral and natural tones. Colors of wood, ivory, and gray are ruling the charts, and there are two advantages worth noting. Firstly, you can always switch to a brighter, bolder color theme if you want after a point. Secondly, just like minimalism, this trend always shines.

Detailed elements

Antiques, vintage décor items are great for creating a classic look within contemporary spaces. Decorators and designers often pick up small décor items from unique stores, just to add more texture and style to each room. You don’t necessarily need a lot of things, but a few important ones that can define a room. 

More plants

Indoor plants are great for adding a touch of nature. Think of plants that bring in good luck or add to the freshness of the space. There are all sorts of options to consider, including plants that don’t need a lot of maintenance. Your choice of plants should also reflect your lifestyle, and you can add more depth with stylish planters. 

Check online for top-rated interior decorators in your area. Don’t shy away from asking questions and checking their portfolio. A good designer can make a big difference to the final outcome.