Four Common Reasons Roofing Issues Can Occur

No matter the type of commercial roof your building has, roof issues can still arise. These issues come in different forms and the majority of them can be repaired or do not require a complete replacement. Roofing issues can happen when strong winds blow off your roofing material, leaves, and debris that might collect and clog the drains, as well as holes that might develop due to too much contraction and expansion. Ignoring these issues can result in large, more expensive repairs. Thus, if you notice any of these issues, contact a roofing contractor in Medford, MA for an inspection and estimate. These issues can happen because of the following:

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Commercial roofs must be inspected regularly even if they have not encountered some issues. Regular inspection and maintenance will make it possible to discover issues while they are still minor ones. For instance, your roofing contractor may test the PVC membrane of your roof and determine the need for a new coat. Had your roof been ignored, you might have to replace the entire PVC membrane that would cost you more money than coating.

Inappropriate Roofing Materials

The use of improper roofing materials can result in roofing issues. For instance, restaurants need to have a PVC roof since it’s resistant to grease and animal fats. If this roof had an EPDM membrane, this membrane starts to break down right away when comes into contact with grease.

Poor Installation

Commercial roofs are not cheap, so you want them to be professionally and properly installed. Poor installation will increase the risk of issues and decrease the lifespan of your roofs. For instance, a PVC roof that is properly installed may last up to twenty years.

Standing Water

Flat commercial roofs commonly accumulate water that can stay on them for a while. Standing water on your roof can be caused by leaves blown onto them that build up and clog drains. Also, birds that build their nests on roofs can also block drains, keeping water pooling on the roofs.

Moreover, poor roof design or installation can also result in standing water. When the angle of a roof is not enough for water to flow towards the drain. Because of standing water, your roof and deteriorate and cause leaks.

It is important to have a professional inspecting your building’s commercial roof regularly. When your contractor finds issues, they will inform you about them and give a free estimate of the work they can do to address these issues.