Likupang: Indonesian Coastal Tourism That Should Not be Missed

North Sulawesi is one of the provinces in Indonesia that is famous for its incredible natural tourist destinations. Not just Bunaken marine park, but this state also has another best place that’s no less inviting to be an Indonesian vacation location, specifically Likupang. It can be found 48 km from the city of Manado. When travel by road from Manado, it takes a maximum of 2,5 hours to arrive.

Though space is quite far in the winding road, everything will pay off in total with the beauty of character like paradise. The panorama of the Likupang coast could spoil the eyes of anyone who comes to this location. Why? Because a beautiful stretch of white sand beach that extends approximately 200 hectares. The sea water is very charming and clear. One thing that isn’t less intriguing is that tourists may enjoy the underwater landscape by diving right into the great blue sea.

Not surprisingly, in July 2019, President Joko Widodo designated Likupang because of Super Priority Tourist Destination with Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, also Labuan Bajo. Likupang has many tourist destinations like Pal Beach and also Pulisan Beach. Both of these coastal regions are supposedly the Likupang Tourism Special Economic Zone (KEK).

Not far from Likupang, there are numerous islands that also have underwater beauty and outstanding coral reefs, specifically Lihaga Island and Gangga Island. The two are frequently utilized as snorkeling or diving spots by overseas tourists.

The exoticism of white sandy beaches, blue sea water, and framed by green hills at a distance is surely capable of sedating tourists. Numerous choices of activities that can be accomplished there, can cause you to feel at home and would like to stay more. For instance, the shore in an island covering six hectares is dominated by white-brown sand and clear blue waters using greenish gradations.

Tourists can also enjoy various activities, which range from snorkeling or diving. Naturally, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t overlook, particularly the activity of appreciating the sunset that’s filled with intimate nuances. Then there’s also Pulisan Beach which is dominated by calm blue sea water, coral rocks, and perspectives of the large seas. Inside this place, tourists can snorkel, dive, trek to the hills or simply enjoy the feeling of the beach and sea.

Slightly changed to the west, the fishing village called Bahoi still maintains its local wisdom. There is independent ecotourism to safeguard the marine ecosystem in this area and so that beautiful coral reefs and fish will soon be easily found here. Not only the underwater scenery, but in this place there are also beautiful mangrove woods. The existence of this rare species is proof the marine ecosystem of North Sulawesi is well maintained.

Not just shores, Likupang also offers other attractions which are no less intriguing, particularly Larata Hill. To get to this place, you want more effort because you have to experience steep terrain, but if you arrive here, the scenery will likely be ruled by grasslands that stretch broadly, along with the large seas.

But, all of the attractions in Likupang will not last long without the involvement and awareness of tourists. Because of this, enthusiasm is required to be a tourist, so the pure beauty of Likupang can nevertheless be appreciated by the next generation. Planning to visit Likupang soon? Find out more about Likupang and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.