Mandalika Lombok, The Hidden Paradise You Should Visit

Stop by Mandalika on your next vacation, yet another hidden gem in Lombok Island with the opinion of shores no less stunning than people in Bali. From Lombok Island’s brand new cosmopolitan tourist destination, Mandalika, not just waves, and beaches, are very similar to Bali. Still, also its cultural heritage will fill your holiday with fascinating experiences.

The Strategic Location

Settled close to Bali Island, Mandalika is in the southern part of West Nusa Tenggara Province. It is also a house for many unspoiled all-natural appeals, notably the beach as its main feature that draws many tourists. Regardless, this city that faces the Indian Ocean becomes a tourism zone created by the government and called Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus, and a special economic zone. Due to its coastal region, many hotels and hotels are built within this area that stretches across 1,035 hectares. Some people come because of their honeymoon, and many others for a family holiday on the staircase.

Various Beach Activities

MotoGP lovers of Indonesia must be very happy that a circuit of this world class race assembled near Kuta Mandalika shore will be completed annually. On the other hand, the beauty of its breathtaking beach will stay its best appeal which every visitor must not but gets mind-blowing. Here are simply a number of them that are worth your trip, and a few of them supply a public spectacle of a local’s unique ritual which will be unlucky if you miss this.

  • Seger Beach, A Rustic View Beach of Mandalika

The wave that is quite enormous, directed from the green hills, and rugged landscape, make Seger shore with its pristine white sands the perfect location for professional surfers to ride the wave. The normal countryside landscape of Mandalika forms a beautiful view that’s so calm. It’s where you would like to experience solitude when hearing the voice over the tide, and just two km away from Kuta.  As soon as you get to the mountain summit, the view of the entire beach is gorgeous where you’re able to take some nice images or simply unwind its green ground.

  • Serenting Beach

Situated in the surrounding region, Serenting beach offers a perfect place for your family holiday. With just a few people around, this relatively secluded shore has a longer coastline than Seger shore and is very appropriate for teak or even sunbathing.  Not only that, but a ritual heritage of the Sasak tribe called the Bau Nyale Festival is also held here, which will make your holiday much more intriguing.

  • Tranquil Nuance at Kuta Mandalika

The rugged mountains on its areas in which the waves gradually burst against indicate the pristine beach of Kuta Mandalika, world-class located just 30 minutes ride by Lombok International Airport. The fine white sands that disperse along 7.2 kilometers with windy weather are suitable for strolling around in which the calm waves close to the shore ensure it is safe for your kids to perform. In the west, you can learn more about the wonder of Kuta from other angles of Mandalika hill. However, you’ll need to rent a car to reach Kuta in the airport since there’s no public transportation available yet.

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