Natural ways to treat swelling without side effects

One of the typical issues that everyone encounters is swelling. It happens as a result of the size of the body’s organs, skin, and other tissues. And it can also be the result of inflammation or a buildup of fluid. 

You may have internal and external swelling in your arms, legs, feet, and other body parts. Swelling can be caused by various reasons such as insect bites, injuries, illness, infection, allergic reaction, burns, surgery, pregnancy, menstruation, and even prolonged standing, sitting, and walking.  

When there is swelling, it is difficult to perform your daily tasks. Therefore, you must get treatment as soon as possible. And the treatment for swelling depends on the cause. 

For instance, swelling caused by rashes can be treated by the use of antihistamines. However, you can also use natural ways to treat swelling. Kottamchukkadi thailam is one of the best natural remedies for treating swelling that has no side effects. 

People frequently experience adverse effects like hair loss, vomiting, nausea, exhaustion, and more when undergoing treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy for swelling. 

But since these ayurvedic oils are manufactured with natural substances like chukku, vayambu, sigru, kottam, and others, you won’t experience any negative side effects if you take them.

Further, elbow difficulties may develop if you frequently use your arms in repeated motions, such as when playing tennis, fencing, squash, typing, painting, or knitting. In these cases, Kottamchukkadi thailam is the best ayurvedic oil for tennis elbow to use. 

It can also be used to treat painful inflammation and sports injuries. You can get the thailam from any online store. Along with relieving swelling, it also has so many benefits. And following are some of the most important benefits of kottamchukkadi ayurvedic oil.

  • In joints, it lessens discomfort and inflammation.
  • It is effective for sprains of the neck, ankles, and muscles.
  • Joint disorders’ stiffness will be lessened.
  • It encourages joint strength and flexibility.
  • It promotes healthy blood flow around the joints.
  • There are no negative effects because the oil is made entirely from natural materials.

For the best results, you can apply the oil before you take the path. However, reading the evaluations of prior customers will help you determine whether the oil is effective or not. And the majority of ayurvedic physicians agree that the best ayurvedic medicine for swelling is kottamchukkadi thailam.

Other natural ways that you can follow to treat swelling without side effects 


Drink a lot of water

In essence, water makes up between 50 and 70 percent of the human body. It promotes healthy organ operation. Water helps to flush out waste from your body when you consume a lot of it. 

Additionally, it safeguards and supports your knees, hips, and shoulders, which will lessen your swelling. You must therefore consume 5 to 6 liters of water daily.

Add less salt in meals

When you eat too much salt, your body retains water, which leads to inflammation. So, you must cut back on the salt in your usual meals. The Institute of Medicine suggests consuming between 2300 and 2400 milligrams per day for better health.

Use compression socks

Compression socks are a better option if you have swelling in your feet, ankles, or lower legs because they will help to minimize the swelling. It compresses the tissue where fluid has accumulated and swollen areas. However, this way will be a little painful. Further, there are different levels of compression socks available. You can choose the one according to your level. 

To conclude 

The greatest all-natural remedies for treating swelling at home are those listed above. If you see any symptoms of blood clots, such as discomfort and redness in the knee and calf, you should get appropriate medical attention.