What is the Main Purpose of AES?

The entire process of exporting goods is highly complicated and requires a fair amount of consistency throughout. There is involvement of various phases, multiple parties, and components, and the platforms are also very busy all the time. About thousands of export shipments are processed every day in Canada, so one can easily make out how overwhelming the entire process is. This also means that above billion bytes of data is being generated daily in the port areas, and it must be preserved well for the safety of the exporters. 

So, to make this process easier, the customs has introduced process automation through the Automated Export System (AES). With this, every vital information about the exporters is gathered in digitized formats through Electronic Export Information (EEI).

What is the main purpose of AES?

One of the most important purposes of the AES tool is to help the exporters file the EEI digitally, directly with the export authorities, and receive the ITN in return. 

Here are some of its other purposes:

Providing efficient avenues of EEI collection

EEI has all the essential details pertaining to all the batches of goods that are getting shipped into the nation. This platform, as a whole, is going to simplify the process of filing the information with the trade authorities. After you file the EEI, all the logistics processes will be digitally streamlined and will help you avoid unnecessary paperwork too.

Enabling multiple parties to file EEI

If you want a flexible online system for your information filing, then AES is the solution. This has become smoother after the inclusion of ACE. The ACE tools benefit multiple parties altogether; the exporters, 3PL workers, freight forwarders, and other parties involved with the exporter for carrying out the filing operations. These parties will now have the capability to even sync the tools like AES EDI/VPN or AESDirect, or any in-house developed software.

Generating shipment-related information

The AES tool will be directly collecting all the export-related information and will pass it on to the concerned regulatory authorities. Hence, the information transmitted through the system will be accurate and reliable, and can be further used to maintain year-end records.

Verifying the license for exports

There are license and permit approvals needed for certain exports before these shipments are finally cleared. A unified platform is provided by the AES to receive all the approvals from the regulatory bodies.

Looking to ship your products? Don’t know where to start? Put your ITN number request first, rest everything will follow.