How to choose the right ceramic tiles?

Did you ever wonder about suitable ceramic tiles? Have ever needed clarification about what color, size, texture, material, and shape of the tiles? There are so many varieties of tiles available in the market and it is very hard to choose from so many ceramic tiles. Do you know how ceramic tiles are made? Clay, sand, and other organic ingredients are blended to produce ceramic tiles. These tiles are very durable. It is quite simple to clean them, and they vary from matte finish to glossy finish. If you are looking for perfect ceramic tiles, you can consult Ceramique au Sommet, as they provide a wide range of ceramic tiles from which you can select as per your taste. Keep on reading to know some tips to choose the right ceramic tiles.

  • Bedroom 

In order to have a balanced appearance, scale is fundamental. Small spaces like bedrooms require ceramic tiles in sizes ranging from medium to big and in light colors to reduce the number of grout joints of the tiles. It gives the normally compact space a feeling of spaciousness. However, when designing for huge rooms, consider the size, design, and color of the tiles.

  • Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you relax, so you should always choose a color that goes with your vibe. Always avoid glossy ceramic tiles for the floor of the bathroom as it increases the risk of slip accidents. And additionally, choose a water-resistant ceramic tile for your bathroom.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the space in the house that is mostly used. Always try to choose a sturdy ceramic tile that is resistant to scratch and also can hide stains of oil and other things. You go for glossy ceramic tiles for the walls of your kitchen.

  • Living room 

Living space is used very frequently and your guest comes and sits in this room, so choose the ceramic tile which is tough and has the ability to hide dust. You can mix and match the color and pattern of ceramic tiles according to your taste as it portrays the first impression of your personality to your guest. 


As ceramic tiles are appropriate for any setting, the factors mentioned above must be taken into account when selecting ceramic wall and floor tiles for your home as they will add a factor of elegance, comfort, and durability. So, grab the opportunity to choose the appropriate ceramic tiles from the best store right now!