What Makes Someone A Credible Witness?

Witnesses play an essential role in any legal case. A car accident case can face a few complications when deciding who is at fault. A credible witness can help in easing the decision and helping the victim by providing testimonies and reports of the incident. If you have been a car accident victim and find it difficult to search for a credible witness, it would be in your best interest to have free consultations with tucson auto accident attorney.

Witnesses can also help a victim attain fair compensation since insurance companies always find a way to diminish the victims’ claim. It is crucial to know if your case has any potential witnesses to help you achieve a favorable outcome.  Let us get to learn more about the credibility of a witness. 

Characteristics a credible witness should have: 

  • Criminal record 

A credible witness should have a clean criminal record. They should not have committed any illegal activity or engaged in an offense. If the witness has a criminal history, the prosection might question them and try to bring the outcome of the victim’s case down. Ensure your case has a witness who does not have any criminal charge or offense. 

  • Financial interest or personal relation 

Some unethical car accident cases involved witnesses who were financially interested in the subject or were related to the victim. These witnesses helped the victim to earn compensation through unfair means. 

If the jury finds out that the witness is related to the victim or needs financial aid by helping, they might dismiss the case and charge the victim with perjury. Never engage in such practices in a legal case. Consult an auto accident attorney in Tucson to avoid any complications or problems during the case. 

  • Physical and mental health 

A jury believes in a fit and healthy witness. The court might question the witness’s credibility if they are mentally ill. Unfit witnesses might derail the final decision and problematize the proceeding. It will always be helpful for the victim to ensure their witnesses are healthy and sound to answer a jury. 

  • Drug-free condition at the time of the incident 

The judgment of a witness can be clouded if they were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the accident took place. The court will always believe a witness’s credibility if they were not consuming alcohol when the incident took place. 

  • Distracted witnesses 

A credible witness would be constituted as entirely present during the incident. Some car accident cases experienced witnesses who were not present when the accident took place. Always ensure the witness’s credibility by determining their presence during the situation.