Answers To Important Questions About LTD Claims And Appeals

Long-term disability attorneys get asked the same type of questions every day. It is essential to have the answers to some important ones, especially if you seek long-term disability benefits. When you are unable to earn money and pay your bills, you must feel stressed and frustrated. Even though you want to work, your doctor says you should not. 

Long-term disability benefits can help you stay above the water level until you can get better and return to work. The policies and laws governing these claims can vary greatly, making seeking the benefits you deserve complex. Speak to a disability claims attorney today to understand and protect your rights. 

Answers to important questions about LTD claims and appeals

  • Should you appeal?

When long-term disability claims are denied, you have the option to appeal the denial. However, the process is complex, and the chances of success are next to nothing. The result of an LTD appeal is decided by the same insurance company that denied your claim in the first place. The insurance company wants to increase its profit, and approving your claim is not very profitable. 

However, this does not mean you should not appeal. Working with an attorney can increase your chances of success. 

  • What happens if you appeal and your claim still gets rejected?

There are three stages in the long-term disability claim process. The first is the initial application, where you submit your claim to the insurance company; the second is where you appeal if your claim is denied; and the third is legal action. The third step is taken when your appeal is denied. You can then work with an attorney and file a legal lawsuit or arbitration. 

  • What is involved in a lawsuit?

When people hear the word “lawsuit,” they often picture the courtroom. However, knowing that a lawsuit does not necessarily mean that your case will go to court is essential. Most the long-term disability claims settle long before they can reach the courtroom. LTD insurers are in a business to sell a product, and the last thing they want is a loss at trial that will tarnish their reputation. 

  • How much time do you have to appeal a denied claim?

You have 180 days from receiving the denial letter to appeal the insurance company’s decision. 180 days is not enough time, especially if you need to collect solid evidence. Hire an attorney today.