Which Garage Door Should You Choose?

If you are looking for new garage doors, it can be daunting to get your head around all the information that is required to make an informed decision. Have a look at the quick guide to understand the different types of garage doors. In Melbourne Garage Doors are easier to find and are available in different designs, colours, and sizes.

Up and Over Doors: These are the most recognisable door style and is tried and tested for a long time. The doors go up and over into the garage opening. The door can easily do the basic purpose of a garage door. This type of garage door is easy to buy and install. They can be either manual or automatic based on preference. It is weather-resistant and has a huge variety of designs, materials, and colours. Some models have a pedestrian door built into the main panel for easy access to the house.

Sectional Doors: They are a bit more complex door mechanism that is built using panel sections that open and slide upwards and then curve back into the garage. It is perfect for automation and has a great level of insulation and security. It can be more durable and strong when compared to most roller garage doors. It is a great fit for short driveways or garages and is stylish and well-engineered. As the door opens vertically, you can park up against the door and operate.

Swing (Side Hinged) Doors: These doors open like traditional double swing doors. Side-hinged doors can be an excellent choice for a garage door and are perfect for garages that require pedestrian access. There are various options for insulated, secure, and easy to operate garage doors. There are stylish and different materials in these types of doors. The door is available in a wide range of materials like steel, softwood, and hardwood timber. It operates easily and needs low maintenance. Automated options are available in various shapes and sizes.

Roller Doors: They open vertically but rather than going up and over like sectionals, they curl up into a roll above the opening. It is suited for installations with limited headroom without sacrificing installation and security. It operates vertically and is easy to install.  If there are suitable locking mechanisms, this type of garage door can offer strong security. It saves space and is ideal for manual or automatic operation.

Round-the-corner Doors: This type of door acts as a cross-section between a roller and a sectional door. It can easily slide off to one side and along the inside wall. Round-the-corner doors are a great choice for easy pedestrian access and partial opening. These types of garage doors are available in wider than average sizes and require very little headroom. The garage doors operate horizontally. The weight distribution is ideal for smooth and easy opening. Such doors can be easily maintained and are easily available in Melbourne. Garage doors come in various sizes, designs, colours, and materials.

You can pick an ideal type of garage door that would suit your home well after checking out various options that are affordable and match well with the design and style of your house.