3 Common Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

As a homeowner in Five Dock, you know that there are certain problems you’ll need to face sooner or later, especially when it comes to maintaining your home. Plumbing problems, in particular, are inevitable, because plumbing systems don’t stay good as new their whole lives. Whether it’s regular wear and tear on the equipment or aging fixtures, something’s bound to cause at least one plumbing issue.

Fortunately, most of the more common problems aren’t difficult to fix, even if you’re not a professional plumber. You just have to make sure you have the right tools, know how to use said tools, and know how to fix the problem at hand. That said, here are the top plumbing problems you’ll likely face and how to deal with them.

Leaky faucets

The first thing to do is to ensure the water supply is turned off, then remove any decorative parts on the faucet handle or knobs. Under those, you’ll find a screw that keeps the handle and faucet stem connected. Unscrew each one and then carefully remove the handle using a flat-head screwdriver. Use a wrench to loosen the packing nut, which will allow you to remove the stem.

Check each part for damage; if they’re all intact so far, inspect the O-ring and washer inside your faucet’s valve seat, since either one wearing out can cause a faucet to leak. Whichever one you need to replace, make sure the part you’re swapping in is an exact match and is the correct size. Once you have the replacement part, reassemble the faucet in the same order you took it apart. Then slowly turn the water supply back on and turn the faucet on to check that the leak’s been taken care of.

Running toilets

As with dealing with a leaky faucet, the first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply, only to the toilet this time. Then carefully remove the lid of the water tank and set it aside. Inside the tank, you’ll find the flush valve, fill valve, and fill tube.

The fill tube is a hollow plastic cylinder that’s mounted vertically, with one end set above the tank’s water line. The other end is attached to the flapper, a seal made of rubber or silicone that sits on top of the drain and lifts each time you flush. This last one is what you should check first. If it isn’t sealing properly in between flushes, water will slowly drain from the tank, prompting the toilet to run in order to try and fill the tank back up to a preset water level.

Take photos so you’ll have a record of what you found, and to help you find the correct replacement part. Once you have it in hand, simply attach it to where the old flapper used to sit, check that it opens and closes when necessary, then put the lid back on the tank.

Clogged pipes

The good news is that clogged pipes are perhaps the easiest of the more common plumbing problems to deal with. If it’s your toilet that’s clogged, you may just need to grab a plunger to dislodge the clog, or else use a snake to break it up. The same thing goes for a clogged sink or bathtub drain. Use the appropriate plunger or snake to get rid of the clog, and it’s back to business as usual for those fixtures.

These are the most common plumbing issues a homeowner could face and how to fix them. If, however, the issue persists, then it’s time to call a professional so they can pinpoint what’s wrong and take care of the repairs. Contact the best plumber Five Dock tradesman who can do the hard work for you.