7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Raja Ampat You Must Visit

Raja Ampat has the beauty of marine tourism that can spoil the eyes. No wonder this place is classified as a popular destination. Here are recommendations for the most beautiful beaches and hits in Raja Ampat, Papua, which are interesting to explore.

  1. Saleo Beach

A popular beach tourism destination in Raja Ampat is Saleo Beach, located on the island of Waisai. This beach is nicknamed “The Last Heaven on Earth” by local residents because of its stunning natural panorama like heaven. It is not wrong to give that nickname because when tourists first arrive, they will be greeted by towering corals.

Not only that, this beach has calm waves, so it is perfect if you visit with family and children. Saleo Beach is also famous for its clear and clean seawater, even the seabed can be seen clearly. The clean white sand stretches along the shoreline. Uniquely, the sand rises to several meters, so it will be very suitable as a photo background, especially when the weather is sunny.

The facilities at Saleo Beach are quite complete, ranging from prayer rooms, bathrooms, swimming pool rentals to restaurants. If you intend to rest around the beach, visitors can rent a gazebo on the beach around Rp. 50,000.

To enjoy this exotic beach, tourists can travel about 40 minutes from the center of Waisai City. The trip can be reached by motor vehicle or boat. Tourists who bring a car have to pay Rp. 20,000 for a motorbike and Rp. 10,000 for a motorbike.

  1. Cemara Beach

Still, in Waisai, another recommendation that must be visited is Cemara Beach. Visiting this one beach will make you reluctant to go because the panorama presented is very pleasing to the eye. White sand and clean blue water produce charming color gradations when the weather is hot. Not to mention, with a fairly wide coastline, you can take a leisurely walk while enjoying the breeze.

Cemara Beach has a fairly sloping shoreline, and the waves are not too big, so it is very suitable as a destination for tourists who need to calm their minds. In addition, the charm of the sunset on this beach is very charming with the sparkle of the sun and the orange sky.

Not satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Cemara beach, visitors can rent lodging not far from the beach location. In the form of a house on stilts, this inn will provide a different experience of enjoying the beauty of Cemara Beach at night.

  1. Arborek Beach

Not far from Waisai, there is Arborek island, a special and charming beach called Arborek Beach. This beach must be included in your list of vacation destinations because tourists are treated to natural views and the beauty of various kinds of marine life. If taken from Waisai by boat, going to Arborek Island takes about one hour. The distance is relatively close and quite fast when compared to other islands.

What is unique about this beach is the presence of white sand and white coral on the shoreline so that when viewed from a distance it looks like a natural floor. The waves at Arborek Beach are also quite calm and suitable as a destination for peace of mind.

When to Arborek Island, tourists are not just for beach tourism, but also can visit local villages. The people of Arborek Village are famous for their hospitality, so it’s no wonder that this island is a must-visit destination when visiting Raja Ampat.

  1. Piaynemo Beach

This beach is worth a visit when visiting Raja Ampat. Piaynemo Beach will spoil anyone who comes to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and its underwater charm. The beach, which is located in Groot Fam, Saukabu, is already worldwide and even entered as the 50 best beach tourism in the world in 2018.

This beach is quite easy to access because it is located at the very front of the entire range of islands in Raja Ampat. Tourists who come will be served karts lined up high and look exotic. Karst and blue seawater are a combination of beautiful gradations that will accompany tourists to explore the beach.

If you want the best view, tourists can climb the stairs to the hill. From the hill, tourists can see the karst from above more clearly like the karst in Wayag. Tourists who visit can come during operational hours, namely Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 WIT.

  1. Waisai Torang Cinta Beach

Next is Waisai Torang Cinta (WTC) Beach. The beach, which is open every day from 08.00 WIT to 17.00 WIT, presents a different atmosphere from other beaches in Raja Ampat.

When coming to Waisai Torang Cinta Beach, tourists will not find a beach with white sand edges but an edge with a cement cast. The beach located in Waisai is more similar to Ancol or Losari Beach in Makassar. This beach was once used as a stopover for Raja Ampat sails, to be precise in 2014. It is also equipped with several facilities, such as a playground, swimming pool, and so on. Tourists widely use the park as a picnic spot and photo spot on social media.

  1. Waiwo Beach

Not far from Waisai Beach, tourists can stop by to visit Waiwo Beach. This beach is located on Waigeo Island and if taken from Waisai it will take about seven minutes, either by land or by sea. Waiwo Beach is the definition of a marine paradise beach for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. How not, this exotic beach saves millions of beautiful underwater natural biota, from adorable fish to colorful coral reefs.

There are at least 45 of the best diving spots on this beautiful beach. To facilitate tourists, local managers rent out diving equipment that can be used for diving and snorkeling. The price is also quite friendly, which is around Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 500,000.

The vast expanse of white sand provides shade for visiting tourists. When the weather is sunny, the blue sea water and white sand color gradations will make the tourists stunned. Not to mention the range of other islands that can be seen clearly on the shoreline.

In addition, Waiwo Beach also has another charm in the form of lush and green trees. What’s interesting about this beach is the presence of a pier jutting into the sea. Many tourists make this place a photo spot or just sit back and stretch their legs.

Tired of playing games and exploring the beach, tourists can rest at the resorts on the beach. Besides resting, tourists can also fill their stomachs at restaurants with Indonesian specialties.

  1. Yeben Beach

The last recommendation is Yeben Beach, which is located on Yeben Island. To enjoy the charm of this exotic beach, tourists must first take a speedboat from Waisai island for 1.5 hours. The speedboat rental price ranges from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 250,000.

This beach is classified as an unspoiled and beautiful beach because human hands do not touch it. The white sand stretches widely along the shoreline so that it looks harmonious with the turquoise seawater.

In this place, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of various underwater biota ranging from coral reefs to colorful small fish. This beach is open 24 hours so that tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Those are some of the popular beach tours in Raja Ampat, West Papua, worth a visit while on vacation. Each of the beaches above has its own unique beauty, so be sure to visit it when you visit Raja Ampat. Before you plan a trip to Raja Ampat, be sure to read more about Raja Ampat and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.