Advanced Online Security Techniques to Foil Serious Phishing Attempts 

Upgrading cybersecurity is important to keep pace with the changing online landscape. Digitization is getting advanced and so are hackers. In other words, you cannot expect to remain heavily secured from online threat actors if you do not adopt advanced cybersecurity techniques that can foil advanced phishing attacks. Magazines like the wall street journal had published a report in 2020 where they had predicted that the cyber world will witness a growth in phishing attacks by 240%. And they were right. 

The covid pandemic, the sudden shift of businesses on the online platform, and unawareness were the factors that made the major impact. 

Despite the damage, there’s hope. That hope is the implementation of different cybersecurity techniques that experts suggest. Some of them have been listed below. Have a look. 

  1. Using Password Manager 

It is not possible to remember a lot of passwords. So, what do you do? Well, you note them down in some file. And that’s a wrong practice. If hackers find that file, every single password will be stolen. 

Keeping this urgency in mind, cybersecurity experts suggest using password manager apps. These apps are encrypted. Even if a hacker makes an attempt to get hands on the passwords stored in a password management app, they won’t be able to since the information will be encrypted. 

Also, a password manager app can suggest big complicated passwords. 

The other password basics – listed below – are still the same and important to follow. 

  1. A complicated password that’s minimum 12 characters long can offer some real protection. 
  2. Sharing a password with people or between devices and accounts is a bad practice. 


  1. Using MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) 

MFA implementation means adding a minimum of 3 advanced security layers that have to be cleared if a user wants to access a system. So, even if hackers breach the backdoor password and get remote access, they will still not be able to access the system for as long as the authentication security layers will remain unbreached. 

  1. Network Segmentation

Hackers earlier used to cause crippling monetary and reputation damage. This extent of damage was the result of the fact that most companies preferred using 1 network to store all the information. 

Which is when network segmentation came into existence. In this technique the company’s info is divided and there are many isolated networks, not just one. One piece of data (information) is saved in 1 network. Clearly, all networks are separate segments. If hackers manage to get inside a network, they’ll be able to steal only 1 piece of information. As a result, the damage will be much less. 

All in all, adopting cybersecurity techniques suggested by experts is the best and only way to defend your assets on the online platform.