Can You Settle a Car Accident Lawsuit Without Going to Trial?

When you get into a car accident, there are many things at stake. Many people assume that they will be dragged towards the court procedures if they file a car accident lawsuit. However, the truth is many car accident claims settle outside the court without the need for the case to go to trial. 

You can settle the case out-of-court with an experienced car accident lawyer in Rockford Illinois. Without a lawyer, there are high chances that the insurance company will use all their power and resources to make you settle for less than you deserve. 

Soon after the victim files for a compensation claim, the insurance company will consider all the evidence you provide. If the evidence is sufficient to prove that you were not at fault, the company will roll out the first settlement offer. Many victims believe that the first settlement is the maximum amount they will get, therefore settle for the first one. Furthermore, if you are not backed by a lawyer and demand more, the insurance company will give multiple reasons to prove that you were at fault too. 

Should you settle the claim or take the case to trial?

Sometimes trials can be lengthy and draining processes. Compared to trials, settlements are usually quicker and less time-consuming. When the company offers you a settlement offer, unless it meets all the losses, do not accept the offer. Your lawyer can help analyze the settlement offer and negotiate with the company. 

In cases where the insurance company does not compensate you, it is advisable to take the case to trial, where the judge will decide who was at fault. When the case goes to trial, you must have a legal representative to fight for your rights. 

Remember, once you accept the settlement offer, you can never propose a new deal. Even if the injuries from car accidents show up months later, you can no longer reverse the deal or ask for a new settlement offer. Therefore, it is vital to talk to a doctor who can assist you in understanding whether you are entirely recovered. Unless you are wholly recovered from the injuries, do not settle the offer. This is because there may be specific injuries that show up after a few months, and once you accept the settlement offer, you will no longer be eligible to raise questions. 

In the end, accepting a settlement offer depends on multiple factors. Talk to a car accident lawyer who can help determine the total loss in terms of the financial aspect and cross-check if the settlement offer meets your losses.