SELLING GOLD: Fake vs Real Gold Jewellery


Do you have a financial emergency? Are you wondering how to get fast cash? You can sell your gold jewellery to gold buyers Brisbane.

Yet, before you head out the door, you have to check the purity of the gold, the weight and the current value. 

Still, you have a problem the jewellery has no stamp to state what karat it is. Have you heard that there are different ways to test gold jewellery ? Most require a professional but they are a few you can do at home and one of those ways is the magnet test. Doing a magnet test will rule out any fake gold jewellery you have immediately.

The truth is both silver and gold are not magnetic, and using the magnet test is an excellent place to start. But how practical is this test? 

Before knowing if it is effective, you need to look at what metals are magnetic and non-magnetic. 


Gold buyers may encounter jewellery items that are magnetic when appraising gold jewellery. Many of these metals you know like cobalt, iron, or steel.

If your gold jewellery sticks to a magnet it is not silver or gold, but a gold plate over another metal and the metal underneath is magnetic. Unfortunately, silver or gold plated jewellery has no scrap value when sold and will most likely be disposed of.


While gold or silver is non-magnetic, it does not mean that your non-magnetic pieces are pure precious metals. 

You may unfortunately find out your jewellery pieces are copper filled or silver filled. Most copped filled items will be disposed of but silver filled can be bought for silver.

Hence, the magnet test is not always the best method to test for real silver or gold. So, what is the best method to verify if your jewellery pieces are authentic? 


For at home unfortunately searching for hallmarks is going to be your only option, look for a stamp such as 375, 585 or 750. Other hallmarks are 9k, 14k and 18k. You can always take your no magnetic non hallmarked jewellery to the gold buyers to check.

Most gold buyers will use XRF technology to analyize what carat the jewellery pieces are, this test also does not damage your jewellery if you decide to shop around for the best selling price. 

Another not so common gold test is the acid test where the gold buyer will use a basalt stone to scratch a piece of the metal onto it.

Doing this leaves a mark on the stone. Then, they apply a particular strength of nitric acid to the mark. If the mark fades with the acid, it can be fake gold. 


Are you still in doubt about your silver or gold items? Consult with a gold buyer who can help. They can test your gold jewellery pieces and value them to get the best payout if you are looking to sell and need some cash.