Taking Care of Your Recently Paved Driveway, and More

With a newly paving ottawa driveway, your house may have much more curb appeal and value. It just takes some basic care to be in excellent shape for many years to come. This is a basic how-to to help you preserve the appearance of newness and cleanliness in your driveway.

Given enough time to cure

After paving, give your driveway ample time to cure. Generally speaking, this phase takes one to two weeks, depending on the weather and the materials. During this period, try not to park large cars on the surface to avoid any indents or damage.

Typical Cleaning

Your driveway’s longevity depends on how well you keep it clean. To stop stains and accumulation, routinely sweep away leaves, dirt, and debris. Use a brush and a little detergent diluted with water to scour the area for more difficult stains. Rinse with a yard hose to remove any soap residue.

Coat the surface

Sealing your driveway keeps water, oil, and other potentially damaging materials off it. We recommend applying sealant every two to three years. Applying sealant requires a clean, dry surface. For optimal results, refer to the manufacturer’s directions.

Fix fractures right away

Changing weather and frequent usage may cause cracks to appear over time. Addressing these fissures as soon as you see them is critical. You can use a good crack filler to fix small cracks, but you should consult an expert for bigger ones. Regular examination and timely repair can prevent future more serious problems.

Winter Protection

Wintertime ice and snow may seriously harm your driveway. To remove snow, use a plastic shovel; metal shovels may scrape the surface. Salt or chemical de-icers may corrode the material; avoid using them. To melt ice and enhance traction, use sand or cat litter instead.

Basic Inspections

Check your driveway frequently for wear and tear indicators. Find any changes in the surface texture, as well as cracks and stains. Early issue diagnosis may extend the lifespan of your driveway and enable prompt repairs.

Ultimate Reflections

Though it takes some work, maintaining a freshly paving ottawa driveway has benefits that are well worth it. These little precautions will help you keep your driveway in top shape so that it will continue to enhance your house’s appearance and usefulness for many years to come. Recall that routine maintenance and care are the secrets to an enduring driveway.