Top 5 Benefits Of Regular STD Testing

Being sexually active has its risks, particularly if you have different partners. One major risk is the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) like syphilis, HIV, gonorrhea, and more. STDs are a major health concern, impacting millions of individuals worldwide. Unfortunately, when it comes to STDs, symptoms could often be hard to identify or occasionally even non-existent. For other individuals, symptoms may come and disappear as well. As such, it is vital to undergo regular Las Vegas STD testing if you are sexually active, even if you do not have any troubling symptoms. Here are the many advantages of undergoing regular STD testing.

  1. Early Detection Is Good For Treatment

The thought that you may have a sexually transmitted infection is frightening. You might think you can put off undergoing testing because you do not experience symptoms immediately. However, some STIs are easily treatable if identified early enough. For instance, chlamydia and gonorrhea are curable with a single dosage of antibiotics. However, for STIs like HIV that are not treatable, your doctor can help you manage them with medications.

  1. Some STIs Can Cause Severe Health Concerns

If you do not receive testing and necessary therapy, your STI could result in health concerns down the road. For example, untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia could spread to your reproductive system, including your fallopian tubes and uterus, sometimes causing infertility.

Besides, some STDs can result in cancer, or sometimes death, if left untreated. Thus, to avoid reproductive health concerns, learn about your alternatives for screening for STIs.

  1. You Could Be Infected More Than Once

Irrespective of whether you have undergone testing and treatment before, it is still feasible to get infected again. If you receive treatment, but your spouse is not, they could pass the STI back to you.

You and your partner should receive testing within three months of suffering chlamydia or gonorrhea after undergoing treatment to be safe. If you are expectant and have chlamydia, you could pass the infection on to your kid during childbirth. Thus, getting tested is healthier for you and your child.

  1. It Reduces The Danger of Spreading STIs To Your Partner

Being honest about your sexual well-being with your partner is the initial step to reducing your likelihood of transmitting an STI. As such, if one of you has an STI, neither individual can infect the other. You should also undergo testing so that if there are changes to your reproductive health, like getting pregnant, to understand if something will go wrong and take appropriate action.  

  1. It Helps You Plan For The Future

Your future depends on your planning. Therefore, you should not allow failures to undergo testing to determine your destiny. The outcomes of your STI testing influence your future sexual behaviors.

Should your findings turn out positive, you will have to choose to seek therapy and avoid any activities or actions that may continue to cause more STIs. For negative findings, you might resolve to abstain, reduce the number of sexual partners, or utilize protection during sexual intercourse.

The idea of STD testing often makes people uncomfortable and nervous because of the social stigmas associated with sexual health. Nevertheless, taking care of your sexual wellness is vital to your general health and well-being. Undergoing regular STD testing is an excellent way to put both your mind and your potential partners at ease. Besides, if you have an existing STI, these tests can help you identify the issue early before it causes more serious complications. Therefore, so long you are sexually active, you should always consider regular STD testing.