What are the Best Ingredients to Make Rainbow Shots at Bar?

Rainbow always fascinates people. And if you are looking for the best party trick then rainbow shots can be a good option. At the bar, rainbow shots turn the party into a good magic show as bartenders pour shots of seven different colors out of the same shaker. 

To rainbow shooter, it takes only two to three minutes to set up everything. The only time needed is to crush ice and assemble ingredients. After preparation, the whole trick will take only 3 minutes in total to finish. Because you need to briskly pour all the layers, so all the layers stay separated relatively. 

For parties at home, perfect rainbow shots need planning and luck. And to produce perfect shots every time, practice is required. At bars, regular bartenders impress their customers with their bartending skills and rainbow shooter. Tools needed for rainbow shots are a metal shaker, cocktail strainer, double jigger, 7 shot glasses, and a big spoon. And an important piece of equipment that every bar should have is a mini bar glass door fridge.


The trick in Rainbow Shots’ Making

Bartenders use four liquids that have different densities. Due to different densities, these liquids stack up in the shaker and when they are poured out, layers of liquids blend slightly that creates transitional colors like green and orange. 

Here we have the best ingredients that every bar should have to make rainbow shots. 

Grenadine: To Make Bottom Layer 

To prepare rainbow shots, the first ingredient that will go into the shaker is grenadine. So, first put everything you need in front of you. Set up all 7 shot glasses in a line within reach. Then take a shaker, measure 1/2oz. Of grenadine and pour it carefully into the shaker. Your grenadine shouldn’t touch the sides of the shaker, so be careful. 

Ice: Gently Crushed

Ice is another main ingredient that you need to make rainbow shots. Fill ¾ of your shaker with gently crushed ice. You can use ice cubes, but crushed ice works better than cubed. It may be because when you use different layers, crushed ice aid to slow down the layers. And it is crucial for perfect rainbow shots. 

Pineapple Juice: The Middle Layer 

Here you have a choice, you can use either pineapple juice or orange juice. But for the perfect rainbow shots, pineapple juice is better than orange juice. But still, you can use both. Pineapple is considered a better option because it blends the colors better than orange juice. So, you need a big spoon full of pineapple juice over the crushed ice. One spoon will approximately equal 6oz. of pineapple juice. 

Vodka: Almost Top Layer

Another ingredient that is the most popular and the most versatile is vodka as it is flavorless. It is a must for your rainbow shots.  Generally, it is colorless, but you may find vodka distilled from grains too. The range of alcohol volume in vodka varies from 35% – 75% depending on its strength. Place a big spoon on top of the ice and slowly pour 1oz. of vodka on that spoon.

Blue Curacao: The Top Layer

The heaviest of all liquids and the last ingredient to add to the shaker is blue Curaçao. So, you need to pour the shots into shot glasses immediately after adding blue curacao to the mix. It is an ordinary curacao liqueur but blue in color. It contains a lower percentage of alcohol because its basic function is coloring. 

So, in the end, blue curacao will be added to the shaker. Slowly add about 3/4oz. of blue curacao and remove the spoon. Then put the cocktail strainer into your shaker and pour the shots. You can count to four while pouring each shot to get even-ish shots.