Why So Many People Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings


The gemstone moissanite has been used in jewelry for ages. But it wasn’t until later that individuals began to grasp its possibilities as a diamond substitute. People purchase a variety of jewelry nowadays, including necklaces, moissanite solitaire rings and many more. 

You can pick the option that best fits your preferences and price range. This priceless gem is referred to as “the diamond of diamonds.” This is true because of all the ways in which it resembles diamonds. However, because the majority of what you’ll find on the market is lab-grown, moissanite is considerably more widely available than diamond.

In reality, silicon carbide is what is discovered in the lab to be moissanite. The Moissanite solitaire ring will last forever because it is one of the world’s toughest stones. 

Consider purchasing a wedding ring made with this stone if you’re seeking an economical way to brighten up your union.

Although this stone isn’t as well-known as diamonds, it is becoming more and more popular among customers looking for alternatives to the classic engagement ring. Key justifications are as follows:

Accessibility and price

Moissanite that has been generated in a lab is now commonly accessible. So, you won’t have to stress about where to buy the engagement rings. Additionally, this gem is less expensive than diamonds. For instance, moissanite solitaire rings are often less costly than diamond rings.

Durability and Strength

Moissanite is a material that has a high level of hardness and durability. In comparison to diamonds, it also offers higher scratch and shatters resistance. It is considerably harder, which is why it is significantly preferred to contemporary diamonds.


Diamonds fade more quickly than moissanite. According to research by the experts, it might survive up to ten times as long as diamonds. This was brought on by the stone’s hardness, according to the AGS. Highly durable moissanite for usage in jewelry production has also benefited from improved laboratory procedures.

Sizes and shapes

This lovely stone comes in a variety of sizes and forms. Round, princess cut, jade cut, oval, pear shape, and heart shapes are a few of them. Moissanite engagement rings are incredibly adaptable, thanks to these styles.

Every wedding band or ring setting may accommodate them. The fact that the stone can be created in a lab makes all of this conceivable.

Optional Designs

Although moissanite is still a relatively new gemstone in the market, designers are already thinking of creative ways to employ it. Examples of designs include eternity rings, wedding bands, and moissanite bands. These distinctive patterns enhance the brilliance of this stone.

Features of Hypoallergenic

Additionally hypoallergenic, moissanite is suitable for anyone with allergies. It is a popular option for jewelry aficionados as a result. Everyone wants to wear secure items that will safeguard their health, which is why moissanite engagement rings are popular.

The stone is more ethical and environmentally friendly than diamond because it is created in a lab. Due to these and other factors, many people pick it over the diamond. Most diamonds originate from mines with a lot of violence and environmental damage.

Moissanite is a fantastic substitute for diamonds if you want to buy high-quality jewelry at a low price. Therefore, you should consider buying moissanite engagement rings rather than diamond selections if you intend to propose to your significant other soon. 

They are both similarly gorgeous, yet the way they seem and feel is different. A Moissanite solitaire ring is a sweet substitute for a diamond ring, which are the traditional love sign.